• Dr. Richard Emmons

    Professor Emeritus

    Cairn University

  • Prof Chris Eppling

    VP of Student Services

    Truett McConnell University

  • Dr. Gerald Franz


    Davis College

  • Dr. Chris Gnanakan

    Prof. of Theo. & Global Studies

    Liberty University

  • Mrs. Carla Gray

    Assistant Dean of Women


  • Dr. Ben Gutierrez


    Liberty University

  • Mr. Gary Ingersoll

    Associate Professor

  • Mr. Dave James

    Executive Director

    The Alliance for Biblical Integrity

  • Pastor Jim Jeffery

    Senior Pastor

    Chapel Pointe

  • Mr. Chris Katulka

    Radio Host, Author

    Friends of Israel

  • Dr. Jeremy Kimble

    Assistant Professor of Theology

    Cedarville University

  • Mr. Don Lough, Jr.

    Executive Director

    Word of Life Fellowship

  • Mr. Andy Mater

    Associate Executive Dean


  • Dr. Matt McAlack

    Director, Youth and Family Ministries

    Cairn University

  • No Photo Available

    Pastor Ron Moore

    Senior Pastor

    The Bible Chapel

  • Dr. Terry Mortenson

    Lecturer, Reasearcher

    Answers in Genesis