Spiritual Growth

The Bible Institute is a great place to grow as a Christian and meet friends that will be with you for the rest of your life.

Student Life at WOLBI

At WOLBI we believe in the education of the whole student- or as we like to call it, study, life, and ministry. This takes place both inside and outside the classroom as we seek to educate the heart as well as the mind. We recognize that a student’s ministry will not be shaped by his knowledge and skill alone but also, inevitably by the condition of his heart – his life. As a compliment to the work of the teaching faculty, Student Life exists to facilitate the education of the heart outside the classroom.


Because each staff member and student at WOLBI professes faith in Jesus Christ, we desire to live and pursue the realities of the Christian life alongside one another. As such we seek to develop an atmosphere which contributes to spiritual growth and discernment. We don’t expect students to be perfect but we do encourage one another to be growing and changing through the work of the Holy Spirit.

Mission & Objectives

The mission of the Student Life Department is to provide the leadership and atmosphere so that each student can be biblically discipled and encouraged to “bear fruit” (Gal. 5:22-24) in their relationships with one another and with Christ. Our main objective is to effectively accomplish two things:

1.Select and develop the leadership who will provide biblical discipleship for the students.

2.Establish & maintain an atmosphere within which biblical discipleship of the students can take place.

Resident Life

WOLBI campus life is all about learning how to live in Biblical community. Dorm life provides an environment to help you internalize what you are learning in the classroom. The interactions that flow from living together allow students to apply the principles of loving God and others. Our desire is that your experiences outside of the classroom will help to shape the way you think about and live out the Gospel in your everyday life.

On Campus

Dorm life at WOLBI fosters lifelong friendships and unforgettable college memories. 95% of students live on campus. You will be living and learning together with people from a variety of backgrounds, opinions, and experiences. It is our desire that dorm life promote your spiritual growth, while encouraging healthy academic habits and providing opportunities for learning how to live in a biblical community. Each dorm room is provided with necessary furniture: bunk beds, chest of drawers, closet or wardrobes, desks, and desk chairs. Additionally, there is wireless Internet service in the entire building.

Off Campus

As a residential campus, most of our students are required to live on campus. For married students and their families as well as older students housing is limited but available both on and off campus.

New York Campus: For questions, concerns, and availability of off campus housing, please call 518-494-6000.

Florida Campus: For questions, concerns, and availability of off campus housing, please call Keith Balsley at 727-379-5037.

Spiritual Life


The atmosphere of The Word of Life Bible Institute is one of continual learning and growing. The Student Life Department seeks to cultivate a community where students are biblically discipled and encouraged to bear fruit. We believe that discipleship takes place in every aspect of the Bible Institute; study, life, and ministry. Our staff members are available and involved in our student’s lives to point them to the Truth of God’s Word and Jesus Christ. A more specific and formal disciple setting with a staff person is also available to interested students.



Students may seek spiritual guidance and counseling through the staff and faculty including their professors. Individual biblical counseling is also made available by the student life department deans who are qualified biblical counselors and is available by personal request through the Student Life office. Referrals for professional counseling are by personal request through the Student Life Office or student Health Center.