Logos Bible Software

Bible Study Tools

Logos Bible Software is a leading bible study library software. It specializes in the digital library management for Bibles and biblical/theological books. We’ve contracted with Logos to include most of our textbooks. Students will receive training in the use of Logos Bible Software before classes begin.

Every student at our New York and Florida teaching sites receives a customized Logos Bible Study Software package which includes most of their required textbooks.

How it Works

Students download class notes from the campus intranet and complete these directly on their computers.

Notes are delivered in Microsoft Office Word format optimized for use with Logos. Once the notes for each course have been completed by the student, they can be imported into Logos. This means that as they use Logos in the future for Bible study, their Bible Institute notes including the content provided to them and the notes which they type in themselves are a fully searchable resource that is electronically linked with their textbooks and other resources within their Logos package.

Microsoft Office is available to students at no cost while they attend the Bible Institute.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting the Right Device

You will need to make sure that your device meets the system requirements listed on the Logos Website. In addition, you must have a battery that will last at least 5 hours, or have a spare or two that you can switch out between classes. If you need to purchase a new laptop, use the links to the right to get education discounts at Dell or Apple!

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Technology Suggestions for Students


In the event that a student experiences a computer breakdown or in cases where a student’s computer does not meet the required specifications, it will be possible to borrow a computer from the school for a limited time for an additional per day fee.

All students will receive the Logos Software package.

Microsoft Office 365 is available to students at no cost while attending the Bible Institute.


Because of limited electrical outlets in the classroom, it is absolutely essential that each student’s computer be able to last at least 5 hours on its own battery.

Having a couple of spare batteries that can switched in during class breaks is acceptable. We also suggest that if a computer is modular in nature, additional batteries be added.

While many computer vendors boast of outstanding battery life, it is important to note that these claims are usually overrated! Please keep this in mind when selecting a computer.


Computers used in the classroom will need to run Microsoft Windows or Apple OSX operating systems.

Windows RT and Chromebooks will NOT work with the Logos software.

Because class notes will be delivered electronically, wireless capability is essential.

Students must be able to save their documents in .docx format to be able to import into Logos. This will require Microsoft Office Word 2007 or later. Microsoft Office Home and Student will work as long as it is 2007 or later. While attending Word of Life Bible Institute, students will have access to a free copy of Microsoft Office 365.


Logos offers free apps for the iPad, iPhone, Android, and Kindle Fire. They have limited functionality and cannot do everything that the Logos software can do on a Windows or Mac computer. Most importantly, you cannot integrate your class notes the way you can on the computer.

To take notes with a mobile device, you would need to use an app that allows you to type your notes in a Word (.docx) document. We do not recommend students use mobile devices instead of a laptop computer. In instances where a tablet computer is used, a physical keyboard will be needed.

A Windows Surface Pro tablet with a keyboard cover, for example, may work in the classroom. Tablets running Windows 8 or 8.1 (NOT Windows RT) will work.