Emir Caner


Dr. Emir Caner (Ph.D., University of Texas at Arlington) was elected the 8th President of Truett-McConnell College in Cleveland, Georgia, in 2008. Dr. Emir teaches this course on Islamic Evangelism. He is the first former Muslim to hold such a post at a Christian college or university. Since that time, the college has quadrupled in enrollment and added 30 programs of study, including a new Master of Arts in Theology. In addition to leading the Baptist College, Dr. Caner has written or contributed to 21 books, including the national best-seller Unveiling Islam. Featured on secular outlets (including ABC, CBS, NBC and PAX) as well as Christian outlets (including INSP, CBN and Moody), Dr. Caner travels the world preaching the Gospel and praying for revival. He and his wife, Hana, reside in Cleveland, VA, with their three children. Dr. Caner and his brother Ergun have co-authored the required textbook, Unveiling Islam.