Matthew VanderWiele


Dr. Matt Vander Wiele grew up in northern NY in the small town of Schroon Lake. He was raised in a Christian home and his parents demonstrated to hm in their marriage what it means to be an example to the world of Christ and the church. Later in Virginia, at Liberty University, Matt met the girl of his dreams – Abby Stump. They were married on April 17, 1999. Matt and Abby have been married for almost 16 years. They have four precious crazy beautiful children (Molly 12, Maggie aka “the Maggster” 11, Zeke 8 and Levi, 5). After living in NY for five and a half years, Matt and Abby moved to Indianapolis, IN and have been there for almost 10 years. Matt currently instructs high school Bible at Heritage Christian School. He also is an online adjunct professor for Liberty University School of Religion. Matt serves as an associate pastor at Onward Church in Fishers, IN. Matt has served in numerous churches as ender, associate pastor and teaching pastor. His passion is for teaching God’s Word to people so that they are able to understand it first and then practically obey God’s Word in the setting of their local churches and their communities. Matt received his undergraduate degree from Liberty University, his graduate degree from the Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, and his doctorate from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. None of his studies would have been possible or successful without the support, help and love of his wife, Abby.