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Word of Life Bible Institute offers an intensive one and two-year Bible program. A diploma is awarded for the successful completion of two years, each of which is comprised of two semesters and a summer ministry/internship emphasizing practical ministry. Students who complete the first year are also recognized at graduation.


Academic Program

Word of Life Bible Institute is a two-year, non-degree granting institution whose high academic standards are recognized by most Christian colleges.

Whether the Lord leads a student to the mission field, the ministry, a trade, business, a profession, or any other field of endeavor, in the light of eternity, the most important issue is how effective that person is for the Lord. Effectiveness in Christian service is measured by the influence that is exerted in the lives of other to lead them to Christ or to help them toward spiritual maturity.

Word of Life Bible Institute is accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) which is a federally (USDE) recognized accrediting agency for Christian post secondary education. Word of Life Bible Institute is listed in the accredited institutions of post-secondary education directory.

The emphasis of the first year is Biblical Foundation. The emphasis of the second year is ministry foundation. A diploma is awarded for the successful completion of two years, each of which is comprised of two academic semesters and a summer ministry. Students who complete the first year are also recognized at graduation with a Bible certificate.


Adam Christmas

Mr. Adam Christmas is a Bible Professor at Trinity Bible College.


Ben Gutierrez

Dr. Ben Gutierrez is the Vice Provost for Academic Administration at Liberty Uni … Read More

Bill Boulet

Bill Boulet

Rev. Bill Boulet is Senior Pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Lakeland Florida … Read More


Bruce Scott

Since 1988 Bruce Scott has been a representative of The Friends of Israel Gospel … Read More

Charles Ware

Charles Ware

Dr. Ware is President of Crossroads Bible College and pastor of Crossroads Bible … Read More

gnanakan chris

Chris Gnanakan

Dr. Chris Gnanakan works as the Executive Director of Outreach To Asia Nationals … Read More


Christopher Katulka

Mr. Chris Katulka earned a certificate of completion from the Institute of Jewis … Read More


Chuck Scheide

Dr. Chuck Scheide is the former Associate Academic Dean at the WOLBI Florida Cam … Read More


Dan Anderson

Dr. Dan Anderson is President of Appalachian Bible College. Dr. Anderson receive … Read More

David and Anne Rich

David & Anne Rich

Dr. David Rich joined the faculty of the History of Government at Cedarville Uni … Read More

David James

David James

Mr. David James will be teaching Roman Catholic Evangelism and is the Executive … Read More


David Jones

Dr. David Jones is the Professor of Christian Ethics at Southeastern Baptist The … Read More


David Payne

Pastor David Payne is from Spring Hill, FL. He attended WOLBI in 1983-85. He the … Read More


Dick Dray


Don Lough

Don Lough, Jr. serves as the 4th Executive Director of Word of Life Fellowship, … Read More

doug bookman

Doug Bookman

Dr. Doug Bookman graduated from Pillsbury Baptist Bible College and earned his M … Read More


Doug Reider

Mr. Doug Reider received a BS in Electrical Engineering from George Washington U … Read More


Emir Caner

Dr. Emir Caner (Ph.D., University of Texas at Arlington) was elected the 8th Pre … Read More

Ric Garland

Eric Garland

Rev. Ric Garland was born in Buffalo, NY and grew up “energetic” and passionate … Read More

Gary Ingersoll

Gary Ingersoll

Rev. Gary Ingersoll has been the Bible Survey Professor at the Word of Life Bibl … Read More

Gerry Franz

Gerald Franz

Dr. Gerald Franz has been teaching Church History for 30 years. He holds a BA fr … Read More


Glenn Amos

Rev. Glenn Amos, Pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Clarks Summit, PA teaches … Read More


James Jeffery

Dr. James Jeffery is the former President of Baptist Bible College and Seminary. … Read More

Jason K Lee

Jason K. Lee

Dr. Jason K. Lee has served at the Dean of the School of Biblical and Theologica … Read More

Kimble Jeremy

Jeremy Kimble

Dr. Kimble, Assistant Professor of Theological Studies at Cedarville University, … Read More


Jerry Johnson

Dr. Jerry A. Johnson, formerly the President of Criswell College in Dallas, TX, … Read More


Jim Bjornstad

Dr. James Bjornstad, retired Professor of Philosophy from Cedarville University, … Read More


John Barnett

Dr. John Barnett is currently the Senior Pastor of Calvary Bible Church in Kalam … Read More

John Bouquet

John Bouquet

Rev. John Bouquet has served as Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Savannah, Ohi … Read More

Master John

John Master

Dr. John Master is Chairman and Professor at Cairn University.


Joy White

Mrs. Joy Martin White received her B.S. from the University of Florida, earned h … Read More


Karen Smith

Mrs. Karen Smith, our Dean of Women, will be teaching this Biblical Womanhood co … Read More


Karen Smith & Carla Gray

Mrs. Karen Smith, our Dean of Women, will be teaching this Biblical Womanhood co … Read More

ken cleaver

Ken Cleaver

Dr. Ken Cleaver received his BA in Biblical Studies from Bryan College, a ThM in … Read More


Kris Sout

Mr. Kris Stout graduated from the Word of Life Bible Institute, attending campus … Read More

Larry Moyer

Larry Moyer

Dr. Larry Moyer, Founder, President and CEO of EvanTell, Inc., received his B.A. … Read More


Mark Strout

Mr. Mark Strout, Executive Dean here at WOLBI, graduated from the Bible Institut … Read More

Marshall Wicks square

Marshall Wicks

Dr. Marshall Wicks, professor of Theology at WOLBI in Florida, Eschatology in Ne … Read More

McAlack Matthew

Matthew McAlack

Dr. Matthew McAlack is a Professor at Cairn University (previously PBU) in the S … Read More


Matthew VanderWiele

Dr. Matt Vander Wiele grew up in northern NY in the small town of Schroon Lake. … Read More

Mike Calhoun

Mike Calhoun

Mr. Mike Calhoun, Executive Assistant to the President of Word of Life teaches t … Read More


Phil Moser

Pastor Phil Moser is a pastor, author, conference speaker and blogger. For over … Read More

Randy Patten

Randy Patten

Rev. Randy Patten is the President of TEAM Focus Ministries, an organization tha … Read More


Ray Pritchard

Dr. Ray Pritchard, President of Keep Believing Ministries (an Internet-based com … Read More

Richard Emmons

Richard Emmons

Dr. Richard Emmons is a graduate of Philadelphia Biblical University. He receive … Read More

Sean Pierce

Sean Pierce

Sean Pierce is a Church Planting Catalyst in Upstate New York. He has led an ass … Read More


Steve Viars

Dr. Stephen Viars is Senior Pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Lafayette, IN, cou … Read More


Steve Wilt

Dr. Stephen Wilt, Director of Fellowship International Mission in Allentown, PA, … Read More


Terry Mortensen

Dr. Terry Mortenson is an international speaker, writer and researcher with Answ … Read More


Thomas White

Dr. Thomas White is Professor or Systematic Theology and President of Cedarville … Read More


Tom Davis

Dr. Tom Davis, our Academic Dean and Professor, will be teaching Romans. He rece … Read More

tom phillips

Tom Phillips

Mr. Tom Phillips graduated from Tennessee Temple with a BS degree and married hi … Read More


Tom Simcox

Rev. Thomas Simcox, Church Ministries Training Coordinator of Friends of Israel … Read More

wendell calder

Wendell Calder

Dr. Wendell Calder, a graduate of New Brunswick Bible Institute and Founder of L … Read More

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Freshman Year

Wondering what we teach here at the Bible Institute? These downloadable PDF’s show what each year of the Bible Institute covers. We cover things like Old Testament survey which digs deep into the books Genesis to Malachi (BSHG101). We cover Daniel and Revelation (BIBL167) showing the connection that both books of prophecy have to one another. In the Introduction to Biblical Counseling (BIBL180) students are taught the Nouthetic method for counseling people from God’s Word.

Download PDF

Sophomore Year

The second year at the Bible Institute picks up where the first year leaves off with classes such as Old Testament Exposition III (BIBL270) covering chapters 12-50 in Genesis and others. Public Speaking and Homiletics helps students teach from God’s Word (COMM201/202) to share what they’ve learned from scripture. Hermeneutics (THEO212) is covered extensively to teach students how to interpret the Bible as well as Bible Study Methods (COMM208A) to introduce students to the basic principles of Biblical research.

Download PDF

Our Grading and


Learn more about the Bible Institute’s grading policies and graduation requirements by downloading the PDF below. Academics are a major foundation of what we do here.

Download PDF

Our Academic


Word of Life Bible Institute offers an intensive one and two-year Bible program. A diploma is
awarded for the successful completion of two years, each of which is comprised of two semesters and a summer ministry/internship emphasizing practical ministry. Students who complete the first year are also recognized at graduation.

Our commitment to Biblical truth is the foundation for everything we do, including how we approach academics. Download our Academic Philosophy to learn more.

Download Academic Philiosophy

Israel Study Tour

Join Word of Life Bible Institute students, alumni, staff and professors from five campuses to explore the places where the events of the Bible happened. Visit over 40 biblical sites. See the latest in Bible archaeology. Enjoy your daily time in God’s Word by the Sea of Galilee. This trip is sure to be a milestone in your faith experience and you’ll learn even more about God’s Word with first hand experiences about the Biblical Geography and customs.

Israel Study Tour
March 17-29, 2017
Full Trip Cost: $2,650

The trip is limited to 40 participants… Word of Life Bible Institute students, alumni, and staff.

  • Places where Jesus taught
  • Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee
  • The Jordan River and the Dead Sea
  • Tunnels and caves from the Bible
  • The Dead Sea
  • Jerusalem and the City of David
  • Calvary and the empty tomb
  • and more…

Israel Trip

Downloadable Resources