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12 students before christmas: Geena, Chandler and Thomas

12 Students Before Christmas- Part One

We are thankful to God for allowing us to be a part of life change, and we would like to invite our WOLBI alumni to join us! We know that the Bible Institute and Word of Life camps changed your life– and we want to continue giving students and campers the opportunity to experience the same thing. When you donate to either of our Life Change Scholarship Funds, you are making a difference in the lives of teenagers from all walks of life. Life change still happens here, and we thank God for it.
100% of funds donated to Life Change Scholarships are given to students and campers in need.
Life Change Camper Fund
Each summer more than 10,000 kids hear the good news of Jesus Christ and are encouraged to grow in their walk with the Lord at Word of Life Camps. This trademark Word of Life ministry touches the lives of young people in eternal ways. Through the financial assistance of friends like you, 1,814 young people received a scholarship to attend last year in New York and Florida!
Life Change Student Fund
More than 20,000 graduates have attended Word of Life Bible Institute and received an incredible, biblical framework for life. Students are immersed in God’s Word every day and then have the opportunity to be involved immediately in a local church ministry, youth camp, community outreach, sports or music team, as well as Open Air Evangelism. Simply put, students learn the Word and live it out! Even though the cost of the Bible Institute is less than half of many colleges, most students are still in need of financial assistance. Of last year’s student body, 92% received assistance.
Geena Taylor, NY First Year Student:
I was born into a non-Christian home, where my family life was just… not the best. Both my parents were into drugs, my dad was dealing and in and out of jail and my mom would do anything to get her hands on money to buy more drugs. My brother and I were pulled out of the house when he was 2 and I was 2 months old. Long story short, we went into foster care where we were placed into a Christian home and ended up being adopted. During this time we lived in the Poconos, where my parents were very involved in the church. Any time the doors were open, we were there! The first time I heard the gospel, I was five years old and it was at that church. After hearing it, the biggest reason I decided to become a Christian was mostly fear of going to hell. However, I was fortunate enough to attend a Christian school from first grade to senior year. My school is where I truly understood the gospel and Christ’s love for me. I always loved to just learn more and more about Christ. I think, however, that the experience with the most impact on my faith journey was my first summer doing Camp Crew at Word of Life. I had always heard the Gospel and I had always known about Christ’s love for me. But sitting on the Island for the kickoff fire with all of the other Camp Crew members really hit me. I don’t remember who was speaking, but I remember him talking about how being a Christian isn’t just about following Christ, it’s about having a relationship with God, applying what you learn, and taking everything step by step with Him. I wasn’t planning on throwing a stick in the fire because I didn’t want people to think I was only doing it because everyone else was doing it or anything like that, but I decided to do it anyway. I remember standing there feeling a powerful sense of the Lord’s presence. Since then, I always go up to throw a stick in the fire because I’m not worried about what others think– I see it as a reminder of the decision that I made many years ago. Following Christ has never been easy… I have had many ups and downs and my faith has not always been where it needs to be. I have been really struggling to let go and absolutely trust Him with everything, but I am growing and learning in it daily.
Chandler Stewart, FL First Year Student:
In 2015, I came to camp at Word of Life in Florida, and I haven’t been the same since. The week I went to camp the speaker spoke on God’s agape love and how He loves us without looking for anything in return. This means a lot to me, because before that week, I didn’t believe in love. I thought family members and others loved me just because they had to. Word of Life Camps changed my life for eternity– because a couple weeks after I heard that message, I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior!
Thomas Richards, FL First Year Student:
One of my campers during the first week of camp had a drastic life change. He came to camp as an angry individual who questioned God. Even after a couple of days of being with him, he still seemed deeply rooted in his bitterness; my co-counselor and I were discouraged at some points. But God worked through it all, and the walls that the camper had put up came tumbling down. The camper completely opened up about his struggles back home and in his personal life. He asked me the hard questions that were plaguing his mind. He told me the frightening experiences he had been through. God used me as an instrument to encourage this young man and set him on the right course. By the end of the week, he was thirsty for the Word, hungry for spiritual growth, and he desired to be a student at the Word of Life Bible Institute. Moreover, he became exceedingly more confident in his relationship with God. He and I became friends, and his entire disposition changed from choleric to tenderhearted. It was a wonderful experience getting to know him and seeing the ways God worked wonders in his life. He was even featured on the ‘My Life Was Changed’ video for Week 1 of camp. His life, as far as I could tell, truly was changed for the better, all thanks to the Lord.
We’re excited about the amazing students who spend time with us at Word of Life– whether it’s a week at camp or a year at the Bible Institute. Join us as we continue to share the gospel with them. Click the link below to donate to Word of Life’s Life Change Scholarships!
Donate to the Life Change Scholarship Funds

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