The current circumstances surrounding our health and safety along with the concerns for the stability of the world’s financial markets could cause anyone to struggle with anxiety, fear, panic, and worry. A number of people have asked Word of Life’s Biblical Counseling Center about some good resources, so our Director of Counseling, Joe Schenke, put together a few biblical counseling resources that provide God’s wisdom related to dealing with these issues. This list includes both smaller pamphlets for a quick read as well as books that unpack the issues more thoroughly. There are also a few devotional studies.


Anxiety: Anatomy and Cure by Bob Kellemen 

Fear: Breaking Its Grip by Lou Priolo

 Help! I’m Anxious by Philip De Courcy  

Helping Your Anxious Child: What to Do When Worries Get Big by Julie Lowe 

Less Fret, More Faith: An 11-Week Action Plan to Overcome Anxiety by Max Lucado 

A 64-page booklet with practical steps to help readers overcome anxiety. Eleven weekly reminders in all, each segment includes a Scripture verse for meditation, and a prayer to reframe anxious thoughts. Ties into Lucado’s book Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World  

Overcoming Anxiety: Relief for Worried People by David Powlison  

Why Worry: Getting to the Heart of your Anxiety (full book edition available as well) by Robert Jones

Worry: Pursuing a Better Path to Peace by Davis Powlison 

What Do You Do When Fear Overcomes You? by Jay Adams  


A Small Book for the Anxious Heart: Meditations on Fear, Worry, and Trust by Ed Welch 

Anxiety: Knowing God’s Peace (A 31-Day Devotional for Life) by Paul Tautges 

When I Am Afraid: A Step by Step Guide Away from Fear and Anxiety by Ed Welch (Excellent Devotional/Workbook to work through fear).


Anxiety Attacked: Applying Scripture to the Cares of the Soul by John MacArthur  (Good teaching insight on anxiety from Matthew 6:25-34, Philippians 4:6-9, and 1 Peter 5:5-7. 

Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World by Max Lucado  

Courage: Fighting Fear with Fear by Wayne and Joshua Mack 

Created to Care: Truth for Anxious Moms by Sara Wallace 

How to Help Your Anxious Teen: Discovering the Surprising Sources of Their Worries and Fears by Jessica Thompson (Have not read yet but recommended to me) 

Living Without Worry: How to Replace Anxiety with Peace by Tim Lane 

Mindscape: What to Think About Instead of Worrying by Timothy Witmer 

Overcoming Fear, Worry, and Anxiety: Becoming a Women of Faith and Confidence by Elyse Fitzpatrick 

Running Scared: Fear, Worry, and the God of Rest by Ed Welch (A very thorough study into fear and anxiety) 

Why Worry: Getting to the Heart of Your Anxiety by Robert Jones (booklet version available as well) 

Worry: Pursuing a Better Path to Peace by David Powlison

Panic Attacks 

Anxiety and Panic Attacks: Trusting God When You’re Afraid by Jocelyn Wallace 

Help! I Get Panic Attacks by Lucy Ann Moll