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12 students before christmas: Christina, Kate and moriah

12 Students Before Christmas- Part Four

On this beautiful Christmas Eve, we reflect upon the thousands of students and campers who have experienced life change at Word of Life. While God is the one who works in each of their lives, we feel so grateful and blessed to be a part of what He is doing– and we would like to invite you to join us. Will you consider donating to one of our Life Change Scholarship Funds during this holiday season? 100% of these funds go directly to campers and Bible Institute students in need. Join us, and allow God to use you in the lives of thousands of young people.
Life Change Camper Fund
Each summer more than 10,000 kids hear the good news of Jesus Christ and are encouraged to grow in their walk with the Lord at Word of Life Camps. This Word of Life ministry touches the lives of young people in eternal ways. Through the financial assistance of friends like you, 1,814 young people received a scholarship to attend last year in New York and Florida!
Life Change Student Fund
More than 20,000 graduates have experienced Word of Life Bible Institute– receiving an incredible, biblical framework for life. Students are immersed in God’s Word every day and then have the opportunity to be involved immediately in a local church ministry, youth camp, community outreach, sports or music team and open air evangelism. Simply put, students learn the Word and live it out! Even though the cost of the Bible Institute is less than half of many colleges, most students are still in need of financial assistance. Of last year’s student body, 92% received assistance!
Christina Ditmer, NY Second Year Student:
If it were not for Word of Life Camps, I honestly don’t know where I would be. As soon as I stepped foot on property for Snowcamp, I fell in love with the program, the people, and their incredible love for and hope in Christ. I wanted that love and hope. When I went to the island for the first time in 2016, I was so moved by the messages from God’s Word that I chose to give my life Christ at the campfire, and start living for Him every day. It has been a crazy journey, but I am now attending the Second Year program at the Bible Institute, and I am so grateful for where God has led me thus far! 
Kate Britts, FL First Year Student:
Attending Word of Life Summer Camp as both a camper and a member of Camp Crew has significantly impacted my life– for eternity. Camp has changed my approach to my relationship with the Lord as well as my relationships with others. I know that the friendships I made during those summers will last not only the rest of my life, but for eternity as well.
Moriah Hutter, NY First Year Student:
When I was going into my 10th grade year, I spent a week on the Island. I was still a new believer at that point in time, and I really struggled with the authority of my counselors. I didn’t see how the Lord specifically chose them for me. When my attitude was rebellious and I desired to have my own ay, my counsellors were very patient and gracious with me. I look back and can say that their attitude of Christ-likeness was a huge factor in my decision to serve on Camp Crew the following summer. During my first summer as Camp Crew on the Island,  I learned so much and had a huge amount of grace poured upon me. That grace and love influenced me to return for summer after summer as a member of Camp Crew. If I had to pinpoint a period of my life where the Lord significantly changed me, it would be my summers serving with Camp Crew and being a camper on the Island.
Please consider donating to one of these Life Change Funds, and join us as we serve the Lord through Camps and the Bible Institute!
Donate to the Life Change Scholarship Funds

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