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In your Freshman Year at Word of Life Bible Institute, you can build a strong biblical foundation while earning transferable college credits to take with you into your next life step. This twelve-month Bible Certificate program equips you with a comprehensive understanding of God’s Word along with ministry skills you can utilize in your church, family, and workplace.
Freshman Year is a residential program and is available at any of our 7 accredited teaching sites (New York, Florida, Owen Sound, Korea, Uganda, Hungary, and Mexico)
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As you study God’s Word under some of the top Bible teachers in the country, you’ll be challenged to develop your biblical values and worldview through practical coursework and assignments. The summer semester culminates your year, giving you the opportunity to apply biblical knowledge in real-world ministry experience.


Program Structure

Our education approach is unique from other Christian colleges. All WOLBI freshmen complete the same course of study, providing a unique opportunity for collaborative learning and discussion outside the classroom. Every day holds a distinct blend of classes from resident and adjunct professors, exposing you to a diverse range of content and teaching styles in one unified program.
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Beyond the Classroom

The Christian Disciplines course represents a wide range of discipleship activities that will help you apply what you’re learning in the daily rhythms of life. Elements of the Christian Disciplines course include a daily quiet time, dorm devotions, service assignments, and ministry activities. You will also participate in a variety of ministry experiences on campus and in the community; visit our ministry page to learn more!


View a full list of curriculum descriptions here: COURSE CATALOG

Course offerings may vary at teaching sites.
1 hour is equivalent to 15 classroom hours of 50 minutes each.

After Freshman Year

The Bible Certificate you’ll receive through Freshman Year will prepare you with a biblical basis on which to build the rest of your life. You can find WOLBI alumni in almost any field you can imagine— from business to healthcare, from media to missions. No matter where you go, the foundation of truth you gained at WOLBI will follow.

Many of our students continue their journey at Word of Life Bible Institute through the Sophomore Year program. This option provides a smooth transition from your Freshman Year into your next steps, and it allows you to build on your foundation of biblical knowledge through intensive ministry training.