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Bible Institute Fall Opening

Dear Parent, Student, and Alumni,   

I trust this email finds you well and enjoying summer! We are making plans for your arrival at our Word of Life Bible Institutes in New York and Florida. Yes, you read that correctly- we will be open and ready to serve students this fall! I cannot express in words the excitement amongst the staff at each location.   

I know many have been watching and reading the news about the COVID-19 virus in both New York and Florida. Our Florida campus is currently alive with campers and students, and the property will continue to remain open this fall. Our New York campus is located in the Capital District and North Country regions, which are both progressing towards reopening. We are currently in Phase 3, and in another two weeks, Lord willing, we will be in Phase 4, which includes provisions for education! I also want to share that our New York location has been incredibly safe, with hardly any cases in our region. I often share with parents and students that, while we are settled in a very rural area, our location does have its benefits when it comes to safety and health matters.   

As we open this fall, we are taking the following steps to provide a safe and healthy environment:  

Health Screening  

  • Before enrolling, all parents and students will go through a health screening station to ensure all guests on property are in good health with no signs or symptoms.  
  • All staff members are health screened each day before reporting to their ministry areas to reduce the risk of illness.  

Health Services  

  • Our Health Services Team is ready to serve our students and ensure that they stay connected to the very best medical care.  
  • In addition to having a Physician’s Assistant on our team who operates under the medical directorship of the Hudson Headwaters Health Network, we also offer every enrolled student access to United Concierge Medicine. This benefit gives students access to consultative and prescriptive care from a medical professional from the comfort of their dorm room.  
  • We have an arrangement with our local pharmacy to deliver medications to campus weekly, in order to serve students’ prescription needs.  
  • In the Fall of 2020, we will be opening a brand-new state of the art Health and Athletic Center. The Health Center within this new facility is equipped with two exam rooms and three isolation rooms to serve students who may need to be isolated and cared for while ill.   

Cleaning and Sanitizing of Dorms and Public Spaces   

  • All dorms and public spaces will be cleaned and sanitized on a regular schedule.   
  • All classrooms will be cleaned between each utilization.   
  • Our Culinary Services team is hard at work to ensure a healthy menu, as well as a very robust cleaning and food safety plan. Our dining room is one of the largest buildings on the property, which allows us space to practice good social distancing measures as needed.   

Social Distancing and Face Masks   

  • We are planning and preparing for social distancing protocols.   
  • Facemasks will be available for any student who desires to wear one. Currently, New York State has mandated that when in public and unable to maintain proper social distancing of six feet, individuals must wear a mask. We are monitoring this, and as this guidance changes, we will be sure to communicate with you.   

Adjusted Schedule   

  • Should we need to provide greater social distancing measures, we have developed an academic and student life schedule that would allow for greater social distancing to take place in the classroom, dining room, and during on-campus events. Again, this is if we need to implement an adjusted schedule based upon any guidance from the Center for Disease Control or New York Department of Health and Education.   

Individual Preparedness  

  • Understanding that some students may desire to wear a mask or other personal protective equipment without the guidance in place, we will support that decision and be sure to provide a safe environment for them to do so.   

These are just some of the steps we are taking. As further guidance becomes available and as we develop final plans, I want to assure you we will be communicating thoroughly with parents and students.   

This year I have the joy of having my own son at the Bible Institute. I unequivocally take my role as the President of this school seriously and make every effort to be responsible and reasonable. This effort is bolstered by my ability and responsibility to look at things directly through the lens of a parent. As President of the Bible Institute and the father of an incoming student, I can assure you that the health and safety of the students here at the Word of Life Bible Institute is a priority to me as I lead the team here.   

I cannot think of a greater time for students to be studying the Word of God. Our theme this year will be “Trustworthy.” This theme is drawn from Psalm 62:8, which says, “Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us.” This year, I am looking unto Jesus, and I am looking forward to challenging students with the truth that they can always trust Him. During this season, when so many heart wrenching world events have taken place and brokenness is seen in so many places, we look forward to providing a safe place for students to find refuge!   

We look forward to seeing you this fall. Get ready for an amazing year of growing in your knowledge, understanding and relationship with God and His Word! As many alumni say, “get ready for the best year of your life.”  For your convenience, I have enclosed the academic year calendar for New York and Florida.   

If I can assist you in any way or answer any questions or concerns, please contact my office directly.   

Serving those who serve,   

Roger L. Peace, Jr.   
Word of Life Bible Institute   

Phone: 518.494.1532   

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