Andrew Moroz on saying "yes" to God's calling.

Saying “Yes” to God’s Calling

2022 WOLBI Alumnus of the Year: Andrew Moroz “No matter what. No matter where. No matter the cost. I said, yes.” Andrew Moroz made this decision to follow God with his life as a first-year student at Word of Life Bible Institute. Eighteen years later, Andrew serves as the Pastor of Teaching and Vision at Gospel Community Church. He and

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Consider the Lilies - two white lilies

Consider the Lilies

Written by Paige Phillips I’ll never forget the day I found my wedding dress. My parents sweetly provided me with money to be able to purchase something I felt beautiful in for my special day, but I was eager to keep to a tight budget. I had been perusing a few online bridal shops and found a style I liked

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The wild visions of an enthusiast - ink pen and paper

The Wild Visions of an Enthusiast

Written by Paige Uhl Elizabeth Barrett Browning is probably known more for her poetry than she is for the successes and passions that peppered her career, but they were many. Elizabeth was born in England in the year 1806 and grew up the daughter of a wealthy landowner. She was thirsty for knowledge from a young age, immersing herself in

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Keeping hope in winter - snowing road in the woods

Keeping Hope in Winter

Written by Paige Uhl Sunshine in the dead of winter feels different than it does in the middle of the summer. The rays reach across the heavens and deep into the windows of every frost-bitten house, and it feels as if they were born with great effort and struggle into winter’s arms. It is like gold filigree against a canvas

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3 Things to Consider If you've been hurt by the church

3 Things to Consider If You’ve Been Hurt by the Church

By Taylor Price We have high expectations for the church–and in some ways, rightly so. It stings a little extra when qualities that are uncharacteristic of Jesus (hypocrisy, greed, gossip, shame, etc.) characterize His followers. Church should be a safe place–a welcoming place. It should be a place of worship, growth, service, and mission. The church, however, is not a

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12 Verses for when you're feeling anxious

12 Verses for When You're Feeling Anxious

Written by Taylor Price The pit in your stomach, the shaky hands, the downward spiral of intrusive thoughts: this is a place most of us know all too well. Feeling worried and anxious is often our natural response when life feels overwhelming, or frightening, or unknown. And while Scripture is not a magic pill or bandage to cover up real

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Influence that lasts: A Life Worth Imitating

Influence That Lasts: A Life Worth Imitating

Written by Taylor Price When the world shut down due to the global pandemic, I, like most people, shifted to shopping (and spending most free time) online. Since picking up, trying on, or closely inspecting products was no longer an option, I quickly got into the habit of clicking over to Youtube, where I’d watch a trendy millennial tell me

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Emma Moore

Meet the Student: Emma Moore

How did you hear about the Bible Institute? When I was figuring out where I wanted to go to college and started applying, nothing really excited me. I had been seeing a Christian counselor in my hometown, Doreen, who is an alumnus of Word of Life Bible Institute. I remember chatting with her about my future plans, and she told

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Maryann Mella

Meet the Alumnus: MaryAnn Mella

My time at Word of Life is something I’ll cherish forever. The thought of saying goodbye hurts, but it also pushes me to imagine a life without depending on an incredible environment that pushed me to seek the Lord and be a better version of myself.  I’m nowhere near perfect, and sanctification is a process that will continue for a

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