The Experience: January

A Word of Encouragement from Mike Paul Harvey was one of America’s favorite radio and TV commentators. He was best known for his segments called “The Rest of The Story”. Here is one called “The Bully and the Boy”. Bavaria, 1934– it was the wrong place and the wrong time to be a Jew. Heinz was born in 1923 to

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Hayden Family Photo

Meet the Alumnus: Ken Hayden

What is your name, where are you from, and can you tell us about your family?  My name is Kendall Hayden, but most people know me as Ken. I am from Skowhegan, Maine and lived in Maine with my wife and kids until the fall of 2011 when we moved to western New York. My wife is also an alumnus

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Treasuring uncertainty like the mother of christ

Treasuring Uncertainty Like the Mother of Christ

I always get existential around Christmas and New Year’s. I overthink gift-giving: how many, for who, what to get, and why, if it’s enough, and if I am valuing material possessions too much. I worry about crossing the boundary of satisfaction over into the realm of excess and indulgence: that I’m enjoying myself too much and that my happiness makes

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12 students before christmas: Christina, Kate and moriah

12 Students Before Christmas- Part Four

On this beautiful Christmas Eve, we reflect upon the thousands of students and campers who have experienced life change at Word of Life. While God is the one who works in each of their lives, we feel so grateful and blessed to be a part of what He is doing– and we would like to invite you to join us.

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All things to all people: Discernment in christian culture

All Things to All People: Discernment in Christian Culture

This past July, Mississippi gubernatorial candidate Robert Foster received criticism for refusing a female Mississippi Today reporter, Larrison Campbell, the opportunity to shadow him for a day on his campaign trail. Foster refused because he honors the Billy Graham rule; in his words, he seeks to “avoid any decision that may evoke suspicion or compromise of our marriage” (Washington Post).

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12 students before christmas: Olivia, Caleb and timothy

12 Students Before Christmas- Part Three

We’re continuing with our Life Change Scholarship Incentive! Countless lives- including yours- have been changed at Word of Life Camps and Bible Institute. 100% of donations to these funds is used to bring needy young people to camp. Join us in reaching young people with the gospel of Jesus Christ– because the gospel still works.   Life Change Camper Fund

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12 students before christmas: Bethany, Rosemarie and Manny

12 Students Before Christmas- Part Two

We love hearing about all of the life change that each of you experienced at the Bible Institute and Camps, and we are excited to share about what’s currently happening at Word of Life. Join us in bringing the gospel to young people from all over the world by donating to one of our Life Change Scholarship Funds– all of

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12 students before christmas: Geena, Chandler and Thomas

12 Students Before Christmas- Part One

We are thankful to God for allowing us to be a part of life change, and we would like to invite our WOLBI alumni to join us! We know that the Bible Institute and Word of Life camps changed your life– and we want to continue giving students and campers the opportunity to experience the same thing. When you donate

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Steltz family photo

Meet the Staff: Todd Steltz

The Word of Life Bible Institute is pleased to welcome the addition of our new registrar, Todd Steltz!  Todd will be filling the position recently vacated by Adam Cook, who served as registrar for the past seven years and is now following the Lord’s call to join our ministry in the Czech Republic. While we will miss Adam, we feel

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Thanks-giving: Thanking God in the Darkness

Thanks-Giving: Thanking God in the Darkness

  In this season of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I feel like it’s appropriate to take a pause from our “regularly scheduled programming” and talk about the idea of thanks-giving. It’s a pretty common topic (especially this time of year) but I’d like to discuss the tougher side of thanksgiving: giving thanks to God when things are extraordinarily

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