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Thanks-giving: Thanking God in the Darkness

Thanks-Giving: Thanking God in the Darkness

  In this season of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I feel like it’s appropriate to take a pause from our “regularly scheduled programming” and talk about the idea of thanks-giving. It’s a pretty common topic (especially this time of year) but I’d like to discuss the tougher side of thanksgiving: giving thanks to God when things are extraordinarily

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On Singleness: It's Culturally Isolating

On Singleness: It's Culturally Isolating

Apparently, a few people read the last blog post and liked it! Shout out to my mom, who read it and said, “There were two typos,” and to my wonderful aunts, who are probably wondering if it’s okay to ask me if there’s a special boy in my life over the holidays. It’s okay. No boy though. This week, I’m

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The problem with singleness: We talk about it like it's temporary

The Problem with Singleness: We Talk About it Like It's Temporary

Let’s dig right in: I think one of the most damaging presuppositions about the Christian life is that singleness is temporary, and I’ll explain why.   A month or so out of college, I Facetimed a wise, blunt friend with great hair. While I sprawled on the bottom bunk in the room I shared with my sister, feeling very not

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The problem of christian Singleness

The Problem of Christian Singleness

I’ve been single my whole life, and I am so good at it. I didn’t date at all in high school and didn’t care much. I went on a few dates through college: I weathered a little heartbreak, went on a few dates that I didn’t realize were dates until too late, went on a sort-of-blind-date with a professor’s son

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Healthy friendships

Healthy Friendships

  I just ended a friendship.   I feel relieved, but I didn’t want to do it. There’s still a bullet-list in my brain of things I was tucking away to talk to her about. I miss her. I also accepted that we needed to grow separately.   Our friendship did not begin healthy. We both brought some trauma to

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the purpose of loneliness

The Purpose of Loneliness

“Why do you feel lonely?” my professor asks the girl at the far end of the table, deeply grieved. He speaks with gentleness and listens with the utmost consideration for our well-being. He leans forward in the wheelie chair and clasps his hands.     “I don’t know,” says the girl, caught off-guard, “I just feel lonely sometimes.” She guards her

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person smiling for a photo

Meet the Staff: Karen Smith

What is your name, and can you tell us about your family? My name is Karen Smith and I serve as the Dean of Women at the Bible Institute.  I have three grown sons, who married three lovely women and have the five (soon to be 6) cutest grandkids on the planet.  My husband passed away 15 years ago. Tell

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emptiness and goodness

Emptiness and Goodness

It’s late August, and I’m in the middle of a make-shift art gallery in a cabin tucked away in an isolated part of Elizabethtown, in the Adirondacks. I’m here to support a new acquaintance, a ceramics artist completing a residency that culminates in a showing of her work. A room divider stands between the gallery space and the venue’s modest

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Cassidy Lynne

Meet the Staff: Cassidy Espinoza

What is your name, can you tell us about your family? My name is Cassidy Espinoza, I’m from Grand Rapids, Michigan! I have 3 sisters, two amazing parents, and a super cute dog. Tell us about your salvation experience. I came to know Christ when I was five years old. My mom was giving me a bath, and she led

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Word life student housing announcements

Word of Life Student Housing Announcements

We at Word of Life are excited to make some announcements about student housing on the New York Bible Institute Campus. We would like to introduce Adirondack Hall, a brand new girl’s dormitory, and we are also happy to share that we have renovated Hungary Dormitory, now called Hungary Hall.   Adirondack Hall Recently, we officially opened Adirondack Hall with

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