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Meet the Staff: Brian Tanedo

What should we know about you and your family? My name is Brian Tanedo. I’m originally from Green Cove Springs, FL and I graduated from the Florida Bible Institute in 2010 and from the New York Bible Institute in 2012. My wife, Rachel is originally from Jamestown, OH and we met here at Word of Life while she was in

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The Poetic sovreignty of an unbalanced life

The Poetic Sovereignty of an Unbalanced Life

When I was a sophomore English major at Cedarville University, I so desperately wanted to live a balanced life. I believed that maybe, with the right advice, I could become an early bird, create and stick to a schedule, pray more, become a runner, and find time for my hobbies. In pursuit of advice, I made lunch plans with the

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the freedom of knowing the truth: part three

The Freedom of Knowing the Truth – Part 3

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” It’s no wonder that the theory of evolution has become so popular, ingrained, and enforced in our society at large and our schools in particular. When you proclaim the worldview of evolution, including but especially the notion that human beings are not special, unique creations of an

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the freedom of knowing the truth: part two

The Freedom of Knowing the Truth – Part 2

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” For the most part, I enjoy the occasional Word Search game. Why? Because the author has already given all the answers! Theoretically, it’s just a matter of time until they are all found. However, if I stare at the page long enough, eventually it becomes one big

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the freedom of knowing the truth: part one

The Freedom of Knowing the Truth – Part 1

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” These familiar words of Jesus are found in chapter 8 and verse 32 of John’s Gospel. They are known to Christian and non-Christians alike, particularly in our Western and North American culture. We see this statement displayed on the seals of colleges and universities across the land,

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facing rejection

Facing Rejection

We’ve all felt it- whether at the hands of a friend on the playground or a childhood crush. Maybe it even came from a deeper place: like a parent, a close confidante, or even a spouse. Rejection. Every person experiences it at least once. Rejection can cause some deep and bitter wounds unless we take the right action steps against

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finding truth

Finding Truth

There is an age-old question that is asked by each generation: “What is truth?” We seek it. We crave to know it. We feel the void in our hearts when it is not present. Scientists have spent countless hours of research to try and prove that their schools of thought and theories have the answers. Historians have chronicled empires and

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Have you ever felt like you can’t do anything important because you’re too young? Do you feel like older generations brush off your thoughts and experiences because of your age? Sometimes you might feel like screaming because you just feel so… underrated. You’re not alone. Teens and young adults are fighting for recognition. They want to see unfair policies changed,

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open air evangelism: a student's perspective

Open Air Evangelism: A Student's Perspective

The busy street corner was buzzing with the comings and goings of distracted people, and their feet moved with the rhythm of a steady drum beat. A surge of fear pattered up my spine. My hand gripped tight to a stack of tracts held together with a rubber band. The chilly New York City air whipped through my jacket, but

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