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The Bridge: January 21

Happy New Year!

I am excited to start this new year off as we jump into the Spring semester! Last week we had our Spring Graduation of 15 students, and that same day we welcomed 26 new students for the Spring semester. Later that weekend we held a Campus Preview Days event. This week, your students have been in training for Snowcamp- which starts today!

There may be some parents who are new to these emails as your student is a Spring Semester student. Welcome to The Bridge! I encourage you to visit and read the blog posts from the month of September as they introduce key staff who will help your students throughout the year and are available by email or phone if you have any questions. 

Below are a few links for your reference. If you have any questions, feel free to email my Administrative Assistant, Jennah, at


As you may be aware, your students have the unique and exciting opportunity to participate in Snowcamp this winter season! 

Snowcamp is 7 weekends, January 21st through March 4th. Our goal is to schedule every student as a camp counselor at least one time during the season. When they aren’t counselors, they will serve in their normal service assignment area along with indoor and outdoor Snowcamp activities. 

This year our theme is Connection: Searching… a nod to the constant online connectedness of this generation in contrast to their never-ending search for a real connection. We hope to use the fun of an interdimensional space theme to talk about the best life that Jesus talks about in John 10:10 and connect students to the true source of life.

Below is a schedule for the Snowcamp weekend:×11-1.pdf

If you know anyone between the grades of 7th-12th that need to be connected to Jesus as their true source of life, you can sign them up at the link below! We still have open spots for some of our weekends.