Important Information About Upcoming Breaks


Dear Students and Parents, 
I hope you have found the Thanksgiving Break information helpful and flexible enough to meet your family needs. As we look forward to the winter and spring season, we’d like to share our plans concerning break departures and returns. Please understand that there is discussion happening within the New York government on the current Travel Advisory Policy, and possible changes are coming. We are hoping that these changes create more flexibility for students. We will be sure to keep you updated on any policy changes from New York State.  
Christmas Break Departure: 
Christmas Break will begin on December 18th. Students have a test scheduled for December 17th at 7 pm, so please make travel arrangements for the day of December 18, 2020.  
Student Check-Out Procedures 
All students must fully pack up their belongings in boxes and suitcases with their name on each item and place them on their bunk, in case we must fully move to remote instruction after the New Year. While we do not anticipate that happening, we want to be fully prepared in the event that such a decision is made by New York State.  
All students who are traveling from a state that is currently listed as a New York State travel advisory state ( should be prepared to quarantine for two weeks when returning to campus after break and should pack accordingly.  
The Student Life Department will be putting out a more detailed student check out procedures as we draw closer to the break.  
Returning from Christmas Break: 
As we seek to have a responsible and reasonable return to campus that provides a safe and healthy environment for all, please take into consideration the following information.  
We have decided not to bring back students from Travel Advisory States 14 days early, but rather, all students will return and begin classes at the same time. This will allow all our students to enjoy the full extent of their break. We also ask that all students and families be wise concerning their potential exposure to COVID-19. Students will be asked to keep a health screening log daily for the 14 days before their return to campus. The link for this daily health screening is located at . Our Health Services team will be monitoring this regularly  
January 11 – Return Date for Students from New York Travel Advisory Listed States 

  • Students from Travel Advisory States must return to campus between 1-4 pm.  
  • Health Screening will take place at the point of arrival. 
  • All students will begin a 14-day NYS mandated quarantine 
  • Word of Life will provide housing and delivery of meals, mail and other essential services at no additional cost to the parent or student.  
  • Your student must prepare a quarantine bag that includes everything they need to complete their studies, as well as bedding, towels and other toiletries.  

January 12 – Return Date for Students from non-New York Travel Advisory States 

  • Students from Non-Travel Advisory States should return to campus between 1-4 pm. Students must email the Security Office and schedule their health screening if they plan to arrive after 4 pm. 
  • Health Screening will take place at the point of arrival.  

January 1315  

  • Classes start remotely for students in quarantine. 
  • Classes start in-person for students not in quarantine. 

January 26  

  • All students who were in quarantine from a Travel Advisory State will be released from quarantine if they are not showing signs or symptoms of illness and can move back into their assigned housing. 
  • All students resume in-person classes.

Q:  What if my state gets added or removed right before the return dates? 
A: If you can adjust your travel schedule, that would be best. If you are unable to do so, WOLBI will work with each student to make sure they have a safe and smooth arrival and set up the necessary plans for quarantine if needed.  
Q: Can my student finish online? 
A: No. Word of Life Bible Institute is not accredited or approved for online education. If the government states that all students must return home, they will grant special permission for remote instruction.   
Q: Will quarantined students be in the same dorms as non-quarantined students? 
A: All students who are quarantined are in completely different sections of the dorms, with no access to those who are not quarantined. WOLBI delivers all meals and essential services while in quarantine to provide the best experience possible. Please understand this is a NYS mandate and we do not share a list of names of who is in quarantine with students or the public. We will also provide ministry and discipleship support.  
Spring Break :

At this time, Spring Break is scheduled to begin on March 8, 2021 after 9 am. Students may not leave before that time, as there is an 8 am test scheduled. Students should plan to return on March 22nd by in-dorms. We plan to finalize Spring Break information in early January, as we have not received communication or guidance on the long-term plans of NYS.  
Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we work through all of this. I hope this is helpful for your planning purposes. As always, we remain resolved in our commitment to serve you and your student, and we will continue to do our utmost to provide a safe and healthy experience here at Word of Life Bible Institute.  
Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.   

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