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The Bridge: December 1, 2023

A Note from Brian

While academics are very important to us here at Word of Life Bible Institute, it is our heart for ministry that makes our program unique. I am happy to report that this year’s student body has a tremendous heart for ministry. Whether through church ministry, athletic teams, Open Air Evangelism, gaming ministry, Spanish ministry, youth ministry, bands, drama, or Reverb events, students in both Florida and New York have already made a tremendous impact this year. They have ministered to over 21,000 people and seen over 500 make professions of faith in Jesus Christ.

As your students are getting much-needed rest over Christmas break, I hope you’ll ask them about their ministry experience. Enjoy your time with them, and I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Latest News

New York

Students have had quite a busy season in October and November. They’ve been ministering to churches for various fall events, serving at Reverb, and playing sports games.

We have officially closed out our volleyball, soccer, and cross-country seasons! Through our sports ministry teams alone, we have seen 15 people come to know the Lord. How awesome!

With the end of our fall sports, we are starting up basketball season! The teams started their season at the beginning of November and have had many close games.


We had a great Fall Festival on October 19 with our Campus Preview guests! Axe throwing, pumpkin decorating, and other crazy games made it a fun time for all. We had about 25 visitors and are praying many will make decisions to attend the Bible Institute. During the same weekend, students also enjoyed a wonderful Coffee House event.

We also recently had a blood drive event. About 20 of our students and staff participated by donating blood to help save lives.

Upcoming Events

New York

  • Student Christmas Party: December 15
  • Campus Preview Days: December 14–16
    Campus Preview guests will be able to join students for the Christmas party on the fifteenth.
  • Spring Student Graduation: December 18
    Graduation will take place at noon, with a luncheon to follow for the graduates and their family members. If your student is a spring student, they should have received a letter and email inviting them to the luncheon and asking if they have any guests attending.
  • Christmas Break: This break begins December 19 AFTER classes.
    Students will return on January 12 by 7:00 pm. If your student is on the basketball team, they will need to return on January 8.
  • Snowcamp: After Christmas break
    Below is a special note from Camp Director Tommy Sewall about how to pack for the season of winter camp ministry.
    “Snowcamp is coming up quickly, and we are excited to see what God will do through our weekend winter camp for teens. Here are just a few important items to note as you pack for the coming months:
    • A wool or polyester base layer will be a lifesaver on cold days.
    • Layers are better than one big parka. A parka might be nice for walking to class, but you’ll want some fleece layers for serving at the tube hill or ice rink.
    • Waterproof gloves or mittens are a must! Your cute knit mittens will not keep your hands nearly as warm as a waterproof material.
    • Everyone will need a pair of snow boots. Sneakers and snow are not a good combination, and your feet are one of the first things to get cold. Throw in a pair of wool socks, and your toes will thank you.
    • You’ll want to pack a comfy winter facemask. Not only will it keep your face warm and free of windburn, but it will also help trap warm air inside your jacket.
    • Don’t forget snow pants! Make sure you bring a pair that is at least water resistant, if not waterproof. Blue jeans hold water, and water makes you cold. Here is the online store where I get all my outerwear for snowboarding:

      If you are properly prepared, you will not just survive the winter season – you will thrive!”

      – Tommy Sewall, Snowcamp Director


  • Campus Preview Days: November 30 – December 1
    Pray with us that God will bring many visitors to come and enjoy this event.
  • Student Christmas Party: December 4
    The students are all looking forward to a special time featuring games, great food, and a message about our amazing Savior!
  • Spring Student Graduation: December 7
    We have five spring students graduating from Word of Life Bible Institute in Florida, and they will each be missed as they leave. Pray with us that they will know God’s will for the next chapter of their lives. Some plan to go on to complete the sophomore program on our New York campus.
  • Christmas Break: This break starts on December 8 AFTER the 8:00 am exam.
    The return date is January 3 between 2:00 and 4:00 pm. If your student is an RA, they must be back on January 2 to greet our incoming spring students that day between 2:00 and 4:00 pm.
  • Pursuit Camp: After Christmas break
    When students return from break, the weather here will be cooler. We do get frost advisories at times in Hudson, and the weather can be especially cold in the mornings. For the outdoor activities at Pursuit Camp, students will need to pack extra layers of clothing (sweatshirts, jackets, etc.) to wear.

Encouragement Packs

If you have a student on our New York campus, you can use the link below to order them a care package for any occasion (birthday, laundry day, “chocolate craving” day, and more). Let your students know you are thinking of them by ordering an encouragement pack

Reverb Summary & Stories

For the past month, your students have been serving in an all-night evangelistic event called “Reverb” in 13 different cities throughout the country! Below are two stories of how God has been working through this exciting ministry.

“There was a young lady who came with her youth group. She had been connected through a program that allows students to get out of school for a short while for religious instruction. When the gospel was presented at Reverb, she raised her hand and went back for counseling. She said she loved God but had never realized she needed to seek forgiveness from God for her sin. As Kris shared the gospel, something “clicked,” and she realized her need to ask for that forgiveness. That night, she asked for forgiveness and trusted Jesus as her Savior.”

“A young man named Josh* who just signed up to come to the Bible Institute next year, has been inviting students from his wrestling team to attend Reverb. One of these young men came along, and he accepted Christ during the event. He admitted that he was tired of the act he was putting on. After watching his Christian friend (Josh) and his strong testimony, he said he was tired of living a lie and accepted Christ. Josh and his elder then had the opportunity to counsel this new believer in Christ.”

*Names changed for privacy.

Below are the statistics from the Reverbs in October and November. Please join us in praying for the final Reverb event taking place in Orlando tonight.

2023 ReverbAttendanceSalvation
10/13 – San Jose, CA49717
11/3 – Cleveland, OH72036
11/3 – Roanoke, VA1,03553
11/3 – Kalamazoo, MI1,40853
11/3 – Rochester, NY1,96076
11/3 – Springfield, MA95035
11/10 – Binghamton, NY1,75634
11/10 – Glens Falls, NY1,46969
11/17 – Hershey, PA1,50483
11/17 – Providence, RI1,18792
11/17 – Atlanta, GA99920
11/17 – Jacksonville, FL59316
Total as of 11/17 14,078584

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