The Bridge: February 4

Dear Parents and Guardians,  

Greetings from the beautiful Adirondacks! It has been an incredible blessing to watch our students attend their classes faithfully through the week and then serve each other and incoming teenagers each weekend for Snowcamp. The joy of the Lord is evident on campus. Thank you for praying for strength and endurance for the student body over these next five weeks! God is using them in a mighty way.  

Spring Break Details  
Your students have only been back for a few weeks, but spring break will be here before you know it! If they will need transportation to or from the Albany airport, train station, or bus station for spring break, they can request transportation by filling out the transportation request form.  

Here is the link to the form: (links to an external site) 

Please note:  
– The dates and times on the form are the only dates and times we offer transportation. Please plan accordingly.   
– The deadline to request transportation is Monday, February 28th.   
– There is a $25 transportation fee per person, per trip. If your student’s request is turned in after the deadline, the fee is doubled.   
– Your student can pay for transportation at the Student Services desk.  
– If you have any questions, please email   

Please be advised that spring break begins after the 8:00 AM exam on Monday, March 7. Students are free to leave after the exam. If flying, flights should be booked for Monday afternoon (Not before!) to allow time to get to the airport. Any student not present for the exam on March 7 will receive a zero. Please plan with your student accordingly!  

We started our Spring semester last week! Our freshmen studied the first half of the book of Matthew under Dr. Christopher Cone, and the sophomore students were taught by Dr. Dwight Peterson in the Principles of Bible Teaching.   

This week, the freshman students were taught the second half of Matthew by Mr. Chris Katulka, and the Sophomore class heard from our Youth Ministries department on the Philosophy of Youth Ministry.   

Next week, the freshman class will hear from Dr. Doug Bookman on the Passion Week, and the sophomore class will learn from General Loren Reno on Leadership.  

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at any time! 

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