Brian Baker Speaking

The Bridge: September 23

It has been a great first couple of weeks for our student body, and we are continuing to see high energy levels here on campus. I want to personally let you know what a blessing it is to have your son or daughter here this year. I would also love to hear from you about the experience your student is having. Feel free to email me any time at   

Introduction to Student Life 

Our Student Life Team works hard to make sure our students have a great spiritual and relational experience at WOLBI. They are always willing to connect with your student about discipleship, special permissions, and anything else that pertains to their time on campus.  

Student Life Team
Left to right: Robby McKinney, Julia Lough, Drew Burtis, Stephanie Magana, Justin Cousins, Rebecca Allard, Brad Crowe, Karen Smith

Julia Lough

Student Life Administrative Assistant  

  • Julia helps parents with school break dates, campus visitors, or any other general question about WOLBI. Students often visit her if they’ve lost their dorm or mailroom keys, if they are planning to have a friend stay on campus overnight, or if they wish to meet with a staff member at the Page Center.   

Karen Smith 

Dean of Women   

  • Karen is over our female resident directors, and she also meets with students throughout the year to get to know them and counsel them. Students normally see her for discipleship or guidance when a student life issue arises.  

Justin Cousins 

Dean of Men  

  • Justin is over our male students, working directly with the resident directors and resident assistants. Students can connect with him for dorm-related issues, discipleship, and guidance when a student life issue arises. 

Drew Burtis 

Dean of Students 

  • Drew oversees our Student Life Department and is also a resident professor. He is always willing to connect with a student (especially over coffee or on the golf course) on anything throughout the year. He is passionate about discipleship and helping students become more like Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Rebecca Allard, Stephanie Magana, Robby McKinney, Brad Crowe 

Resident Directors 

  • The resident directors (RDs) are here to serve our students in their specific dorm areas.  Your student can contact them about having a visitor in the dorm or anything else that pertains to their dorm life and spiritual life throughout the year.    

Upcoming Fall Events: 

  • Our students will have the awesome opportunity to participate in the “My Story Conference” on September 29–October 1. They will be learning how to share the gospel to their generation. 
  • On October 7–9, we are having a Homecoming event for our students and alumni. If you are an alumnus of Word of Life Bible Institute and would like to attend, please sign up here:
  • Campus Preview Days: October 27–29. 

Mark Your Calendars for Student Breaks: 

  • Thanksgiving Break: November 22 (after morning exam)–November 28 (return by 11:00 PM). 
  • Christmas Break: December 16 (after morning exam)–January 9 (return by 7:00 PM). 

Encouragement Packs: 

At the link below, you can order a care package for any occasion. We have packages available that allow you to celebrate your student’s birthday, help them with laundry, feed their chocolate cravings, and more! Let your student know you are thinking of them by ordering an encourager pack online today 😊. 

Chapel Links: 

Did you know that you can watch the Wednesday chapels that your son or daughter is experiencing on campus? Our weekly Chancellors Chapels feature engaging messages from staff members here at WOLBI, as well as from distinguished speakers from all over the country. We stream Chancellors Chapel every Wednesday at 12:00 PM. If you miss it, recordings are available on Facebook afterwards as well! 

Parent Survey: 

Here at Word of Life Bible Institute, we are always looking for ways to grow in everything we do. From registration to graduation, we provide surveys so that our students can let us know how we can improve. We also thought it would be helpful to have your input on registration weekend, since many parents came through registration as well! 

You can fill out a survey on registration weekend at the link below. We greatly value any feedback!