Brian Baker Speaking

The Bridge: September 24th

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

As the leaves have begun changing, I have also seen change beginning to take place in the lives of students across campus. It is incredible to watch God use His Word to transform lives! I feel privileged to take part in His great work. 

Keep reading for this week’s updates on The Bridge.



This week, Mr. Greg Stier will be joining the freshman students for the Personal Evangelism course. Mr. Stier is the founder of Dare 2 Share Ministries and previously served as a pastor, church planter, and youth leader. He is also the author of numerous books.


This week, the sophomore class will be studying the religion of Judaism with Reverend Thomas Simcox. Rev. Simcox is the Church Ministries Training Coordinator of Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry.

Key Staff Introductions: Ministries Department


Dean of Ministries | 

I serve WOLBI students as the Dean of Ministries. It is my responsibility to ensure that every student gets multiple, meaningful ministry opportunities. I believe that a major ingredient in the ‘secret sauce’ of WOLBI is our ministries program. Our academics are outstanding at filling our students’ minds with biblical knowledge, our student life is outstanding in taking that knowledge and facilitating a transfer from the head to the heart, and ministries completes the cycle by taking that heart knowledge and applying it through the hands. As Christians, we are the hands and feet of Jesus. It is my goal to see every graduate of Word of Life Bible Institute equipped and active in reaching their generation for Jesus, especially through the ministry of the local church. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about ministries at the Bible Institute. 


Service Assignments Coordinator |

I coordinate service assignments for our students, so I work closely with each of our departments at the Bible Institute to understand their needs and schedule students to serve with them. One of my favorite things about doing this is the opportunity I have to help students build their résumés. I also take care of the bulk of communication from my department to the students – this includes campus events, ministry assignments, and many other things. Students often visit me with general questions, and if I cannot help them, I will find the person who can!


Campus Life Director |

My unofficial title is the Dean of Fun. In the Ministries department, we believe fun events both help students learn and break down spiritual walls in their lives, so we make it our mission to create a fun atmosphere on our campus. I also lead our student body as the Director of Youth Camps in New York, which includes Snowcamp, The Ranch, The Ridge, and The Island. If a student or parent has a question about camp, I am the guy to ask.


Ministries Department Operations |

My role at WOL is to serve behind the scenes in ministry operations and camp. I help coordinate the various ministries that students are involved in so they can be challenged to learn and grow through multiple meaningful ministry opportunities that impact others for Christ, and I also coordinate between the different operational teams to make sure that needs are met and they can each minister effectively in their own unique ways.


Events and Outdoor Coordinator |

In this role, I get the privilege of hosting events and creating environments where students can enjoy time together and make lasting friendships. When it comes to camp season, I make sure all the activities are safe and fun for the campers to experience life outdoors.


Live Production Arts Coordinator | 

I help coordinate our internal and external events and production needs. We work with and teach a team of students to help others communicate truth; we do this through audio, visual, lighting, and livestream technologies. Our goal as the Live Production team is to produce high-quality events in coordination with other departments and individuals while keeping the focus on God and the truths from His word.


Bible Institute Production Technician |

My responsibility is to teach, manage, schedule, and communicate with a team of students who assist in running events on campus. I handle everything from the smooth operation of daily classes to the setup of livestream equipment for our sports games. I also assist in the production of our larger live events, such as weekend concerts or Snowcamp rallies.


Athletic Director |

As the athletic director, I get the privilege of working with all our coaches and student-athletes to use athletics to share the gospel. In addition to that, I coordinate tryouts, game schedules, and any other details pertaining to athletics. With athletics being under the ministries department, I also get to be involved in planning different ministry assignments and outings.


Assistant Athletic Director |

During the school year, I have the joy of primarily working with our student-athletes. The mission of our athletic programs is to facilitate multiple meaningful ministry opportunities for our athletes both on and off the field/court. I have the great privilege of helping coordinate game-day details, training our teams, and building relationships with the other schools we compete against.


Worship Arts Director | 

God continually blesses us each year with amazingly talented students! I have the joy and privilege of providing ministry opportunities and mentorship for those students gifted in music, drama, art, and other creative ways we can worship God with our talents. I’m passionate about helping others grow in their artistic abilities, but my main goal is to teach and encourage people to live a life of genuine worship to God, both on stage and off.

Camp Ministry Interns

This year, we have four Camp Ministry Interns who are working on finishing their education while helping the campus events team and filling leadership roles in Snowcamp and summer camp. We are grateful to have David, Logan, Chris, and Meena as a part of our team!

From left to right: Tommy, David, Ethan, Jon, Thomas, Caroline, Nate, Meena, Matt, Chris, Nate, Ryan, Logan, Micah


Below are some events we have planned for the fall semester:

  • September 28th: Student Council Campaign Night
  • October 2nd: Campus Fun Run
  • October 3rd: Cheering on Adirondack Marathon Runners
  • October 7-9th: Story Conference
  • October 9th: Homecoming
  • October 29th: Laser Tag
  • October 30th: Costume Fight Night
  • November 5th, 12th, and 19th: Reverb Night
  • December 11th: Christmas Party

As always, we are here to serve you in any way we can. Please feel free to email any of our staff with questions or concerns!