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The Bridge: September 30

Dear Parents and Loved Ones, 

As the month of September is coming to a close, students are settling into their service assignments and ministry teams here on campus. Throughout the year, these students will have the opportunity to show the love of Jesus by serving in a variety of capacities both on and off WOLBI campus. It is my prayer that God will use this season to give students a passion for sharing the hope of the gospel wherever life takes them. 

Intro to Ministries 

Our ministries team represents a wide range of staff in various roles around campus. Even though we won’t be able to introduce every person here, all of them are crucial to making our ministry teams, service assignments, campus events, and camps run smoothly. Below, we’ve included some of the main people your student will need to connect with during the year.  

Ministries Team 2022

Jon Bubar 

Dean of Ministries  

As Dean of Ministries, Jon oversees the entire department and makes sure each area is working together to accomplish the vision of multiple meaningful ministry opportunities for your student. If there is a general problem with your student’s ministry or service assignment, Jon is a person you can contact.  

Mark Bodlien 

Ministries Coordinator  

Mark makes sure that every student is placed on a ministry team where they will have multiple meaningful ministry opportunities throughout the year. If a student has questions about their ministry team assignment or schedule, they are encouraged to send Mark an email or visit him in the Ministries Center. 

Micah Melville  

Micah ensures that students and staff have what they need to accomplish (and travel to) their ministry opportunities. He also provides support for on-campus events. 

Caroline Tompkins 

Ministries Department Administration Assistant  

Caroline serves our team by helping with student questions, handling department announcements, and providing general organization and communication assistance for the team. If you are unsure who to contact for ministry-related questions, she will help you find the right person! 

Lindsay Bergeron 

Service Assignment Coordinator 

Lindsay assigns and coordinates all the students’ service assignments. These assignments allow students to serve the student body in numerous ways. If a student has a work conflict or any issue pertaining to their service area, they can contact her in the Ministries Center or via email. 

Jordan Ross 

Assistant Ministries Coordinator  

Jordan is responsible for making campus events happen. He also oversees our camp and gaming interns. If a student ever wants to be ready for the next event, Jordan will be glad to help them know what’s ahead! 

Matt Layton 

Athletic Director  

Anything pertaining to athletics falls under Matt’s responsibility. This includes game schedules, athletic facility management, and the Huskies website. He also has the opportunity to work with all the student athletes, coaches, and athletic staff. 

Ethan Morin 

Assistant Ministries Coordinator and Assistant Athletic Director  

Ethan serves in multiple roles throughout the year. Students can come to him with questions regarding their ministry assignments or if they have any questions relating to athletics. Ethan also serves as the Winter Camp Counseling Coordinator, meaning that he is a contact point for students who are ministering to campers during Snowcamp ministry. 

Ryan Arnold 

Worship Arts Director  

Ryan has the joy of providing ministry opportunities and mentorship for students serving in music, drama, art, and other creative ministries. He is passionate about helping others grow in their artistic abilities, but his main goal is to teach and encourage people to live a life of genuine worship to God both on and off the stage. 

Nathaniel Eichelberger, Hayden Prescott, Thomas Arnett 

Productions Team 

The Productions Team is responsible for livestreaming events and managing all tech needs during classes, chapels, and events. They play a huge role in making events happen through their work behind the scenes. Several of our students serve on the Production Team, working alongside Nathan, Hayden, and Thomas in their service assignment.  

Ministry Highlights Through the Year 

  • Reverb: Many of our students will serve at the all-night evangelistic events that are scheduled throughout the month of November (Nov. 4–5, Nov. 11–12, and Nov. 18–19). 
  • Snowcamp: Your students will get to serve as counselors, leaders, and service staff during the seven weekends of Snowcamp (from the end of January to the beginning of March). If you are interested in sending an individual or a group to camp, visit
  • Missions Reality: On April 20–30, our sophomore students will have the opportunity to go on a mission’s trip either in the states or abroad. They will be raising support for this trip throughout the year.  
  • Open Air Evangelism: On April 26–30, our freshmen students will have the opportunity to go on a five-day evangelism trip to New York City. They will engage in various aspects of missionary service, from raising support and culture exposure to presenting the gospel and sharing with others how God worked through the trip. 
  • Summer Camp – All of our freshmen students will be assigned to one of our four camps in the Adirondacks this summer. They will either be camp counselors (working directly with campers) or Camp Crew counselors (working with teen volunteers). They will share the gospel and disciple young people for nine to ten weeks, depending on the camp where they serve.  

Athletics Schedule Link 

To view an up-to-date schedule and roster for our Huskies sports teams, please go to

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