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Don’t you love getting mail? Not junk mail that we toss in the trash, but a genuine letter or card that someone bought or made, wrote a note in, addressed in their own hand and put a stamp on.
We love it, right? They may be few and far between, but that’s what makes them so special.
What about an invitation? The beautiful envelope with lovely script and expensive paper…
It is a privilege to be part of a special event and celebration. Invitations are usually from someone you know- it would be unusual to be invited by someone you don’t know. You are invited because you have a relationship and are part of that person’s community.
As children of God there’s some good news: we have already been invited. Because of our relationship with God through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, we have an invitation to participate in the amazing things He is doing. Here are some of the privileges that come with the invitation:
1. Invited to be part of God’s family – Romans 8:14-17
Romans 8:14-17 tells us that we are children, heirs of God, co-heirs with Christ and adopted into His family. Everything belongs to Christ but by His grace we share it with Him. That truly is amazing and speaks of God’s incredible love that we don’t deserve! We also have access to the Father. We can boldly approach Him just as we would approach our earthly dad. In that freedom to come to Him we also find safety, provision and protection. What comfort!
2. We are invited to dwell with Him – John 15:5-11
God wants us to dwell with Him because He loves us. When we dwell in His love, we are connected to the source His great love. We are also invited to bear fruit and have joy—both of which can only come through our abiding in His love.
3. We are invited to live the abundant life – John 10:10
When we accept Jesus’ free gift of salvation we are trusting Him with our eternity. But many times, we are unwilling to trust Him with our todays. Jesus promised eternal life but also life abundantly in the here and now. Don’t buy into the idea that being a Christ-follower is a “less than” life. It is the greater life because it is all about Jesus.
4. We are invited into God’s amazing plan for our lives – Jer. 29:11-13
God has a good plan for your life and He wants to show it to you. His plan is a reflection of and based on His character which is good, wise, loving and pure. We are invited to know hope. Just remember the great hope of your salvation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We are not left up to fate or randomness, God has a purpose and plan for each of us. And it is a good one! We are invited to know Him more as we follow His will: seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with ALL your heart. This is a persistent, consistent and diligent pursuit of Christ.
5. We are invited to experience His power – 2 Cor. 12:9-10
Suffering isn’t an invitation we would naturally be inclined to accept. But in the midst of trials, we are invited to know His power through suffering. Whatever you are facing—weaknesses, persecutions, betrayals, difficulties and pain—they are the channels by which His power is demonstrated to us and through us. We are invited to see Him get the glory for what He is doing in our lives and to know Him in a deeper way.
6. We are invited into His comfort – 2 Cor. 1:3-4
The flip side of suffering is experiencing the perfect comfort of a loving God. He will never leave us alone in the suffering but seeks to comfort us so that we can comfort/help others. This is a front row invitation to know Him in a deeper way and also learn how to minister to others through comfort.
7. We are invited to use the gifts He has given – Hebrews 13:20-21
In inviting us to serve Him, He has equipped us with everything good to do His will. He has also invited us to be part of the glory process for Jesus and experience the power of the Holy Spirit, the Truth of God’s Word that brings light, freedom and joy, the Gospel that sets us free and the example of Jesus – so we know how to live.
8. We are invited to be a witness and testimony – Eph. 2:6; 2 Cor. 2:14-15; 5:17-20
We are invited to be His ambassadors and share the Gospel. When we are invited to an awesome event, we want to bring our friends with us to share the experience. Why would it be any different with the greatest invitation of all time- the Gospel?
9. We are invited to the biggest, greatest party ever! – Rev. 19:6-9
This is the wedding supper of the Lamb, and we are part of the celebration. This is one party you don’t want to miss! This passage in Revelation tells us that we are blessed to be invited and blessed to be His bride.
God, in His great love for us, has invited us to be part of His family and share eternity with Him in heaven. John 1:12 says: But to all who did receive Him (Jesus), who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God. The invitation has been given and all we must do is receive it. First John 3:1 confirms that love toward us: See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are.
So what is our part of the invite?
First we accept in salvation through Jesus Christ, then we go, enjoy, participate and celebrate!
We celebrate:
– Our adoption into the family of God
– Being equipped with divine tools
– Knowing hope, purpose and God
– Suffering with a purpose
– Experiencing comfort and give it out
– Dwelling in love, joy and bearing fruit that remains
– The coming, greatest celebration with Christ.
Go forward today knowing that you are invited by the King of Kings to take part in all that He is doing and will do here on Earth and in Heaven- so enjoy, participate, and celebrate.

3 thoughts on “Invited”

  1. Knowing God’s Love for me, His plan for me and Hope and to Experience, His power working through my situation’ is an amazing thing to happen to me.
    I am so blessed with the scriptures you sent me.
    Thank you so very much, May God bless you, People. Amen

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