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Meet the Alumnus – Elizabeth Condado

What is your name, where are you from, and can you tell us about your family? 

My name is Elizabeth Condado. I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I graduated from my 2nd year of WOL in 2014. In 2015 I went to the Philippines through the Cross Cultural Internship and met my husband there. We have a 1 year old son and another baby on the way, and we are currently in the US raising support for our police and prison ministry with Fellowship International Mission.

Tell us a little bit about your salvation experience.

I cannot pinpoint exactly when I was saved. I grew up hearing the gospel but not really fully understanding it. When I was in my first year at WOLBI we had a personal evangelism class with Larry Moyer. He explained the gospel so simply that it finally clicked. I don’t know if that is when I got saved, but that was the time that I clearly understood there was nothing I could do to earn my salvation and I gained a new confidence that there was nothing I could do to lose my salvation either.

When did you come to Word of Life Bible Institute?

I did first and second year at the Bible Institute in New York from 2012-2014.

What is your favorite memory of WOLBI as a student?

I don’t know if this really counts as a memory but getting to spend time with so many other believers was such a privilege. The lifelong friendships are a huge blessing. I met my best friend (Carey Stone) before first year even started. We remained best friends throughout those two years, continued into the Cross Cultural Internship in different countries, and God had preserved that friendship even to this day. While the classes and devotions were awesome, there is nothing better than having a true friend to remind you of the truths learned during those years at WOLBI, to keep each other accountable and to encourage one another to grow in the Lord.

What are some ways you are applying what you learned at the Bible Institute today, whether in daily life or vocational ministry?

I still share the gospel the way Larry Moyer taught us. I have had many opportunities to share the gospel in our ministry in the Philippines. My husband is also passionate about sharing the gospel clearly. Together, we are privileged to bring the gospel to prisoners, police officers, and people in our community.

What is your life verse and why?

Galatians 5 has been a special passage to me these past several months. The Holy Spirit will never lead me to sin, so I need to be active in allowing Him to have control in my life. Not only does this keep me from sinning, it helps to to live out the fruit of the Spirit. It is a growing and learning process and I fail more often than I would like to admit… but I praise God for how He is working in my life and teaching me to humble myself and remember that I can do nothing good on my own.

If you could speak to a younger you today – what would you say?

Don’t think too much about what others think of you, and stop trying to look spiritual to others. God doesn’t care what others think! Spend time in His word and in prayer. 

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