Emma Moore

Meet the Student: Emma Moore

How did you hear about the Bible Institute?

When I was figuring out where I wanted to go to college and started applying, nothing really excited me. I had been seeing a Christian counselor in my hometown, Doreen, who is an alumnus of Word of Life Bible Institute. I remember chatting with her about my future plans, and she told me about her amazing experience at WOLBI and suggested I look into it. Thanks to her encouragement, I applied, and soon found myself traveling to Pottersville, NY. It felt like every step of the way, the Lord was saying, “yes, this is right, this is right.” I just had complete peace about it, so that’s how I ended up coming to the Bible Institute.

Are happy about your decision to come to the Bible Institute?

Yes! I don’t think I have doubted it once. I’ve never had a moment where I am like “Am I supposed to be here?” Since I arrived, I’ve felt confident that this is where I am supposed to be.

Would you say an alumnus of the Bible Institute had a big impact on the direction of your life?

Doreen has had a huge impact on my life in general, even outside of encouraging me to attend the BI. I can see how WOLBI transformed her life and the way she now helps transform others’ lives. Even though she’s my counselor, it’s always felt like discipleship. She has genuinely taken interest in my life, and the wisdom she’s imparted has been so helpful to me. I can see how she knows the Word of God and meditates on it daily, and because of an outflow of that, she’s impacted my life.

Did you look at her and think “I want to live like that”?

I always admired how she knew the Word of God. it wasn’t just like she knew the verses, it’s like she knew how they applied to her life and how they directly impacted her work and the people that she worked with. That sparked a passion in me to be able to know the Word of God and have that kind of impact on the lives of people around me. That’s why I decided to attend the Bible Institute.

3 thoughts on “Meet the Student: Emma Moore”

  1. This is an amazing story. I too, have someone I have been discipling who has been wondering what to do after High School. I am hoping my friend will decide to go to WOLBI and see their life change as I did.

  2. This was super encouraging! Thank you for sharing. I praise the Lord for His clear and peaceful direction in our lives! Your testimony is very uplifting to hear!

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