Missions Opportunities

Missions Reality

Missions Reality is a collegiate class on missions, consisting of a single short-term missions trips with Word of Life. As part of our curriculum for our Second Year program, we organize an opportunity for our students to go on a trip to one of 8 destinations around the world. This undertaking requires support, perspective, and training. For these reasons we’ve made it a course at the Bible Institute.

Students receive 3 college credits upon completing the class, and 10 days of missions experience in the trip itself. This also affords the perspective and opportunity to experience missions and the possibility of launching into missions full-time by them either going themselves or by getting involved at their home church.

Ministry Apprenticeships

These opportunities are for students have already complete at least the First Year program at the Bible Institute.

Cross Cultural Internship

The Cross Cultural Internship sends college students to mission fields around the world, giving them the opportunity to serve as a missionary while earning a college degree. This two year internship consists of intense training, support raising, and service in one of 67 countries.You’ll learn how to navigate culture shock, build a support team, lead a missions team, remove barriers and minister across cultures. CCI interns will receive discounted schooling while they are on the field.

Youth Ministry Internship

The Youth Ministry Internship places college students at local churches across the United States, giving them an opportunity to serve alongside a youth pastor or children’s ministry pastor. They will gain hands-on ministry experience and in-depth training while serving in the local church, as well as receive further training after the placement on how to lead and direct a student ministry. YMI interns will raise support and receive discounted online schooling as they participate.

Spring Break Missions Trips

Every year during Spring Break we organize special missions trips for our students completing the First Year Program in New York and Florida. These are voluntary trips for students but offer another way for our First Year students to get a true taste of what missions is really like during their time at the Bible Institute. These trips are geared towards sports teams, but can also involve drama and worship teams.

The Spring Break trips are considered a college elective at the Bible Institute and includes teaching on missions, support raising, and other classes to prepare students for their time. There are bi-weekly class sessions, assignments, and a book that students must study about missions. All of this coursework adds up to 3 credits similar to the Missions Reality program above.

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