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Current students with thousands of Alumni around the world.


Experience God’s Word in locations around the entire globe.

Financial Aid

Most students receive financial help to attend.

Guest Speakers

We bring in amazing teachers from around the country.


Ministry experience is baked into everything we do.

Missions Trips

We love reaching out on missions trips both in the US and outside.

Studying God’s Word

A Life-Changing Experience Unlike Any Other


At the Word of Life Bible Institute, we spend a whole year diving deep into God’s Word, with experts from all over the world taking students book-by-book and verse-by-verse to help them know the Bible like never before. And as an accredited program recognized by most Christian colleges, a student will not only carry a biblical foundation with them but can also transfer credits to wherever they go next.


Here, “community” means so much more than dining halls, intramurals and toga parties. The Word of Life Bible Institute is designed to foster authentic friendships and intentional relationships as students live, learn, serve and play alongside other like-minded students and caring staff who will encourage them in their faith and become friends for life.


As students are immersed in the Word of God each day, they are given the opportunity to put what they learn into action through hands-on ministry opportunities. Students give back to others, share their faith, serve the hurting, gain real-world experience and use their unique gifts and passions for a purpose.


A Powerful Purpose

Build a Foundation for a Life Lived For God

What can a year studying God’s Word do? It helps students build spiritual muscle, gain powerful ministry experiences and discover the truth behind what they believe. It’s a year spent building them as a complete person. God’s Word touches their mind, heart, and soul as it changes them from the inside out.


From One Parent to Another

A Blog Series on Why You Should Send your Student to WOLBI

From One Parent to Another: Why I Sent My Kids to WOLBI (part 1)

What is the right response to our high school graduate who expresses a desire to attend a Bible school for a year? “It has nothing to do with your career choice.” “It will set you behind schedule for your degree.” “We can’t afford an extra year of college.” In essence, it’s a waste of time and money…

From One Parent to Another: Why I Sent My Kids to WOLBI (part 2)

I never thought my husband and I would be “that parent” who would decide where their children would go to college, but because of our oldest son’s positive, maturing experience, it sort of just happened. I have three children in total. Three years after our first graduated from WOLBI…

From One Parent to Another: Why I Sent My Kids to WOLBI (part 3)

We were the Christian parents who did not encourage or, frankly, allow high school dating. From what I’d experienced and what we were watching all around us, there didn’t seem to be any value to it in our minds. You might be thinking, ‘wow, you’re radical’. Maybe, but we took our God-given…

  • Word of Life had such a tremendous impact on my spiritual development. They taught me to trust the Bible and the primacy of evangelism and discipleship. This ministry birthed in me a love for missions and instilled a belief in the centrality of the local church. Word of Life (Bible Institute) is theologically sound, gospel-centered and missions-driven. They combine faithfulness to historic doctrine with the freshness of generational innovation. I am grateful for this tremendous ministry and excited about its future.JD Greear
    Pastor & Bible Institute Alumnus
  • I was a pastor’s kid. I thought I knew it all. The two years that God gave me here first humbled me and then radically changed my life! My experience with Word of Life was the instrument God used to show me what a life focused on Him really looks like. He used the classes and relationships I built here to bring me closer to Christ and then equip me for missions in Japan! Now I’m a missionary on the precipice of adventure, ready to hold forth the Word of Life!
    Josiah Henderson
    Bible Institute Alumnus
  • My life was changed drastically when I went to Word of life. I thought I was in a good place but I was proved wrong the very first week. My relationship with Christ became my own not based on anyone else. I fell in love with God’s word. Made incredible friendships that will last a lifetime, and I met my amazing husband here!Molly Kokosinski
    Bible Institute Alumnus
  • I completed my second year of Bible school with Word of Life in NY. I believe that year prepared me in an immense way for my future and deepened my relationship with God to a whole new level. I will never forget my year at WOLBI with all the amazing friends I made and the awesome times that were had!Evan J Walker
    Bible Institute Alumnus

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The Bible Institute is a collegiate-level program offering both one- and two-year options that focus on three core areas: study, life and ministry. Through biblical studies coursework, discipleship, community, and hands-on ministry opportunities, the Bible Institute is an immersive experience where students deepen their faith and prepare for the future, whether in a career or full-time ministry. Learn more by looking through our Viewbook.