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pray for alumni in healthcare

Pray for Alumni in Healthcare

Word of Life Bible Institute Alumni are serving all over the world in a variety of healthcare settings. We believe that it is extremely important to pray for our brothers and sisters working in the healthcare field. We’ve gathered some prayer requests from other Alumni so that you can join us in praying for those who are serving in the medical field during this time.

Cindy Casta Beck ’81 – We need prayer for strength (physical and emotional) and safety. The days are long and difficult right now, contending with things we never imagined we would be faced with. Plus, every time we walk into the hospital, we are potentially at risk.

Karen Dobbel Glass ’85 – I am on the IT side of things (updating the computer programs that the docs and nursing staff use daily) so my request would be to pray for those on the floors of the hospitals and medical offices dealing with the patients face to face– that God would keep them safe and healthy. 

Heather Houck Aswell ‘98 – I do EMS and I have 2 wonderfully different adopted kids. They both are congenital heart kids and I just pray daily that God would keep them safe. With quality CBD vape cartridges for sale online has helped them stay healthy. As the medications they take led a lot of harmful behaviors to themselves and others because they don’t understand why they can’t go out and see other kids to play and go to church. That being said, their Grandmother is also on a ventilator right now, sick with COVID-19. My 12 year old is really struggling with it, he knows too much about life and death, having had 5 pacemakers in his life and 3 open heart surgeries. Plus, with the neglect he lived through in Bulgaria, he has a lot of anger and the safest people to project that onto are me and my husband.  I pray for the orphans throughout the world living with no parents going through this illness, or those that become orphans because they lose their parents to the virus. I don’t fear for myself or my husband, because we know the Lord and where we are going, but I pray for those who don’t know or accept God’s love and forgiveness, that they would do so during this time.

Cheryl Harris Hayes ’89 – Shaun and I are in the Boston area. He is an ER/ICU nurse. The staff at his hospital are being infected with this virus as fast as the public. Please pray for a hedge of protection around him each day he works, for our family’s protection too as we are just as exposed as he is. For the ever-present peace of Jesus as we continue to walk this road. For the light of Jesus to shine through us as we stand out in a crowd of lost souls. On another note, my mother-in-law was hospitalized on Thursday with a fever and bilateral pneumonia. She has been confirmed to have this virus. As of Sunday afternoon, she was placed on care and comfort through hospice care. They don’t believe it will be long before she sees Jesus. Please pray for her to pass quickly without complications, for my children (ages 29, 24, 9, & 7) as they wrestle with this unexpected challenge, and for my husband who has to stay on the front line and cannot see his Mom.  There’s just so much!! We absolutely covet all prayers as we too seek the Father’s guidance and protection through this.  

Tammy Paul Gray ’85 – My husband Dennis is a Hospice Chaplain, and I volunteer with hospice as well. Our work looks different right now, as we are not able to see our hospice patients unless they are actively dying– we can only call.  Pray for our phone conversations to be clear and help bring peace and comfort. We really ask prayer for our elderly who are not being stimulated with visits as we see confusion setting in. Pray for the nurses that can see them on a limited basis–  that they can bring peace and comfort.

Cathy Long Dudderar ’80 – I’m blessed to work with Christians!!  What we are praying at work every morning is for the Lord to place a hedge of protection around us. Help us stay focused. Help us be of sound mind and not have a spirit of fear because fear is not of the Lord. Yesterday my niece shared with me that she heard this from an online Bible study she’s in: “Pray for more nurses to arrive and to have adequate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Make the number of nurses and PPE multiply like Jesus did with the fishes and the loaves”.

I think that is the best prayer I’ve ever heard for a nurse!!

Cathy (Halo ’89) Parker – Thank you for your prayers. I work as an administrative assistant for a healthcare company, and though I’m not on the front lines, my daughter is in healthcare working with the elderly at this time. I work for a very large healthcare company in NC, and you can feel the tension in the air as meetings are being moved, urgent meetings are dropping on the calendar on a daily basis and reports are issued with numbers of COVID-19 cases and updates on those tirelessly working on the front lines. Large companies often have a social media site in-house similar to Facebook called Yammer. People can create interest groups. I may not have a window into the lives of everyone but perhaps the searching soul might come across the Christian themed page called In Christ Alone where the body of Christ can offer them words of hope. I pray as believers many of us can be a light and an encouragement to the frightened and confused and offer them the assurance, hope and peace we find only in Jesus.

Would you like to pray for the ministry of Word of Life, or do you have a prayer request you would like to submit? Click the link below to see our “Word of Life Ministries Prayer Requests” blog, and fill out the form at the bottom of the page with your needs.

1 thought on “Pray for Alumni in Healthcare”

  1. I’m a COTA/L (Occupational Therapy) at a hospital in Indiana. Normally I work on Neuro ICU, now i’m Working in all different units at the hospital, including our COVID-19 ICU.
    The work is long, and more difficult with being on different units with different staff, our glasses fog and our plastic gown fill and drip with sweat. The hard part though, is watching my patients scared, confused, sick, incubated, just after open heart surgery or a car wreck…with no family, no loved one holding their hand, no kind words or gentle touch. A woman I’ve been treating cries every time she wakes up and realizes she’s in a hospital, she’s convinced she killed her family in a car crash…she didn’t, she had a stroke but can’t remember that and can’t have a visitor to remind her and reorient her.
    So please, pray for me and my coworkers health, energy, strength, and patience.
    But, more than that please, pray for our confused patients, our patients in a medication haze, our patients with dementia, with autism, with developmental disorders…pray for their comfort and understanding
    Lyzz FL 2006

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