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Remembering Dr. Renald Showers

Throughout the history of the Word of Life Bible Institute, our students have been blessed with some of the world’s leading theologians and Bible teachers. Dr. Renald Showers was one such professor.
On April 4th, 2019 Dr. Showers went home to be with the Lord after a long fight against Alzheimer’s disease. He lived a life that reflected the teaching and commitment to “holding forth the Word of Life” (Philippians 2:16). The team at the Word of Life Bible Institute is praying for his family and friends as we remember the legacy he’s left for future generations. If you have a memory of Dr. Showers from your time at the Word of Life Bible Institute, we would love to hear about it in the comments.
We are honored to have known Dr. Showers and rejoice that he is in Heaven, without pain, worshipping the God he served so faithfully with the time he was given on earth.
If you would like more information on the memorial service or to find out ways you can bless his family, you can read his obituary online.

Dr. Renald (Rennie) Showers is a graduate of Philadelphia College of Bible (1956), Wheaton College (1958), Dallas Theological Seminary (1962) and earned his doctorate at Grace Theological Seminary (1975).  In addition to pastoral experience in New Jersey (1963-64) and Pennsylvania (1964-67), he has been on the faculty of Lancaster Bible College (1962-63), Philadelphia College of Bible (1967-77; 1980-89), Moody Bible Institute (1977-1980) and the Friends of Israel Institute of Jewish Studies (1989-2016).   For many years Dr. Showers was a visiting professor at Baptist Bible Seminary in Clarks Summit, PA and at Word of Life Bible Institute (1974-2012) and was a frequent speaker at Word of Life Conference Centers.  In recent years he has been a conference speaker for the Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry and a contributing editor for their monthly publication, Israel My Glory.  He and his wife Ellie have two daughters (Renee Showers Raupp and Marbeth Showers Golden) and four grandchildren, a boy and a girl from each family.
Dr. Showers’ primary course at Word of Life Bible Institute was the portion of Church History known as “What on Earth is God Doing?”  (This is also the title of a book he wrote and used in class.).  The course is an overview of the various ways God has interacted with man through human history culminating with the 1,000-year reign of Christ on the earth. Dr. Showers taught at the Word of Life Bible Institute over a span of 39 school years (Class of 1974 to Class of 2012). Here are some of the books used over the years in the classroom at the Word of Life Bible Institute written by Dr. Showers.
Here are some of the books used over the years in the classroom at the Word of Life Bible Institute written by Dr. Showers.

8 thoughts on “Remembering Dr. Renald Showers”

  1. Cathy (Halo) Parker

    He was a great teacher and also a kind hearted man. I had the privilege of interacting with him because one of my college friends, Paul Golden, married his daughter, Marbeth. My now, 22 year d daughter was the flower girl in their wedding. He was a dear man and will be missed.

  2. Adrianne Sirois

    Thank God for Dr Showers. I started Word of Life Bible Institute in March 1978 as a 6 month old Christian with a very worldly point of view. Dr Showers taught his book ‘What On Earth Is God Doing?’ my first week there and set the foundation for my lifelong biblical world view. Even the subtitle states that Satan is the one in conflict! I am eternally grateful!!

  3. Dr, Showers was my Daniel/Revelation professor at Philadelphia College Bible during the 1970s. We enjoyed him as a person and he was loaded with information. We didn’t know how great he really was.
    Carol Sholes Peer

  4. I’m quite eager to express my thanks to God for allowing me to benefit much from Dr. Shower’s cheerful and motivating enthusiasm and instruction in the general epistles while a student at MBI
    (’75-78) and then at lunch in their Philadelphia (or suburbs) home years later. Just today a friend told me of his book on angels which I look forward to reading soon. I too will be praying for their family and their well-being now after his home-going.

  5. Theresa T Robertson

    I am studying the BBNBI not knowing that Dr Showers also was my professor when I attended The Word of Life Bible Institute in 1986-87. I wish I could tell him I received a 100 on his teachings of the Doctrines of Angels. Cant wait to see him again in Heaven. RIP.

  6. His study of mystical and miraculous interactions between man and God’s Heavenly Beings (Angels) and, theophany are a lasting contribution to the Christian Faith! May the Bible Institute carry the sword and torch of the Truth and Inspiration of the Miraculous in God’s Word to Save sinners like me and build Christ’s Church around the world?

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