This is Your World.
This is Your Opportunity to Serve Jesus.

The Word of Life Bible Institute sends students out to CHANGE the world for Jesus.


The World is Getting Younger

The world is getting smaller. When Harry Bollback, co-founder of Word of Life went to reach the Xavante tribe for Jesus it took him 48 days to reach them. Today it takes 18 minutes.

The world is getting younger. The world population is 7 billion. 3 1/2 billion people are 24 years of age or younger. This is your time to reach your generation for Jesus.


This is Your Opportunity

Are you ready to reach your generation for Jesus? The Word of Life Bible Institute is a collegiate level program that trains students to change their world for Jesus.

Whether you’re going into ministry or a secular career spend a year preparing to be used by God. Get hands on ministry training, study God’s Word, and experience true discipleship and biblical community.


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Start your journey to make an impact and reach your generation for Jesus.

Study God’s Word

You’ll spend an entire year digging deeper into God’s Word than you thought possible. Study every book of the Bible, getting insight and knowledge. Study deep theology and unlock new truths about the character of Jesus.

Grow in Discipleship

Spend time in a community committed to growing in Jesus. Experience one-on-one discipleship and be mentored. Gain friends who will push you to God in times of trouble. Make new friendships that will last a life-time.

Experience Ministry

Ministry is a part of everything we do at the Bible Institute. Each semester you’ll be sent out to use what you’ve learned in the class room. You’ll discover how God can use you in ministry to reach other people for Jesus.


It is the responsibility of each generation to reach their generation for Christ

Jack Wyrztzen – Founder of Word of Life


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We send our students out each year to change the world for Jesus. Are you ready to join us?