Students Reaching Students at the New York Bible Institute

One of the best things about working with students at the Bible Institute is seeing a student recognize a need and an opportunity and watching them take the initiative to meet it. In recent weeks, a 2nd-year student, Asher Thompson, approached me with the idea of teaching a discipleship seminar to other 2nd year students interested both in growing in their understanding of discipleship and practically applying that knowledge. He described his desire to use this opportunity to not only supplement the discipleship efforts of the Student Life Department and all the staff who give their time to pour into students, but also to give 2nd-year students a bigger vision and passion for discipling others when they leave the Bible Institute. 

After discussing the idea with the Student Life Department, I agreed to teach the seminar in conjunction with Tom Phillips, and we agreed that Student Life would help Asher with the logistics. In the seminar, we covered the definition of discipleship, gave examples of how Jesus and Paul chose, taught, and trained disciples in the New Testament, and covered some necessary conversations to have and questions to ask when beginning a discipleship relationship. When I was done, Asher explained to everyone how they could seek out a 1st-year student to disciple if they weren’t already doing so. 

It was a tremendously rewarding experience to see the Huskies Den packed out on a Monday after Snowcamp with students who were giving up their free time to learn more about discipleship. I am so thankful to see how God is working in and through our student body, and I am especially grateful for Asher’s passion and willingness to help others take the next step with Jesus.

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