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Brian Baker - Vice President, Word of Life Bible Institute

The Lord used his time at the Word of Life Bible Institute to call Brian into the ministry. For 17 years he was a missionary with Word of Life Youth Ministries in North Carolina. The next 7 years were spent leading the Northeast region for Word of Life and then in December, 2021 Brian accepted the role as Vice President over the NY Bible Institute and Camps. He is passionate about helping young people develop a biblical foundation to build the rest of their life on. Brian loves preaching, teaching and building into current and future leaders. Brian is married to the love of his life Lynn, and together they have 3 incredible children.

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From the Office of Brian Baker

The Bridge March 3, 2023

A Note from Brian  It is hard to believe that March is here, and your students are about to enter spring break! We have been in 1 Thessalonians in our quiet time, and one of the things that has stood out to me is how “spiritually proud” Paul is of the believers he is addressing. I have the same sentiments toward our student body; they have served faithfully during this Snowcamp season while attending classes, learning, and growing each week. This break is well earned for them. Enjoy your time with your student!  Upcoming Dates  Biblical Counseling Elective  This spring, we are excited to offer the Biblical Counseling elective as a resource for your student. Participants will have the opportunity to earn credit while gaining a foundational understanding of biblical counseling ministry.   Course Description: Let’s be honest; every one of us knows what it is like to be gripped by …

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The Bridge: February 17, 2023

A Note From Brian Your students have passed the halfway point of Snowcamp as we are getting ready to enter weekend 5 of 7. I continue to be amazed by the way they minister to campers on the weekends while keeping up with their studies through the week. This reminds me of 2 Corinthians 5 and the importance of work that is eternal. Continue to pray for your students as they minister over the final 3 weekends. To God be the glory. Just a reminder, Spring Break is coming up! Please be advised that Spring Break begins after the 8:00AM exam on Monday, March 6th.  Students are free to leave after the exam on March 6.  If flying, flights should be booked for Monday afternoon (Not before!) to allow time to get to the airport.  Any student not present for the exam on March 6th will receive a zero.  Please …

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The Bridge: February 3, 2023

A Note from Brian  Dear Parents and Loved Ones,  With two weekends of Snowcamp behind us and five more rapidly approaching, it is incredible to watch our student body minister to these middle school and high school campers. God is doing a great work through your students. Many have had the opportunity to lead a camper to Christ, and so many more have served in a way that honors Him! I want to encourage you as a parent to pray for your student each weekend as they minister. Also, please pray that they have wisdom to rest on Sunday evenings and Mondays so they are ready for the week of classes to begin each Tuesday. I believe they will look back on this season as a time of tremendous growth in their life, a time when God is teaching them so much and using them for His glory!  Campus Preview …

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The Bridge: January 20, 2023

Dear Parents and Loved Ones,  It is a joy to have students back! The buzz around campus is electric, as we will be welcoming more than two thousand middle and high school campers over the next seven weekends for Snowcamp! Please be praying for your student as they serve on the weekends and attend class during the week. We will be encouraging them to use their time wisely, including getting rest when they have the opportunity. These weekends are key for students as they begin to put into practice what they have been learning in the classroom. You can get the latest photo and video updates on this season of ministry by visiting our Snowcamp Facebook Page. I look forward to sharing how the Lord works in the weeks to come.  Snowcamp  Campus Preview Days  The next event on our schedule is another Campus Preview Days on March 2–4. If …

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The Bridge: January 6

Dear Parents and Loved Ones,  Lynn and I hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I am sure you have enjoyed spending some quality time with your student while they’ve been home for break. We have been praying that the Lord would allow students to not only rest physically and mentally, but also to thrive spiritually.   I was challenged recently while reading Matthew 6 in my quiet time. Jesus reminds us to not be anxious about the future, but to set our hearts and minds on the things of God; He will take care of the details we tend to worry about daily. I hope this is the kind of peace that you can rest in during this season.   Packing for Snowcamp  Snowcamp is quickly approaching—and with it, the season’s cold temperatures. Here are some things to consider as you’re helping your student pack …

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The Bridge: December 9

A Note of Encouragement from Brian  It is hard to believe that Christmas break is upon us. I am sure your student is excited to be home with you and your family very soon. As a fellow parent, I have a few thoughts that I would like to share with you as you anticipate their time at home.  Give them time to rest and process I would encourage you to allow your student to take some time to breathe (and sleep). Try not to fill their first couple of days at home with a lot of activities. The schedule at WOLBI keeps them busy, so they need some rest. If you are anything like Lynn and me, whenever your kids return home from a trip or a semester at school, your tendency is to want to drill them with questions immediately. Your student may be great with that, but understand …

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