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The Huskies Den and Recreation Center

By now it’s no secret, the Huskies are in town! This year has been a great year for our athletics program. Our soccer program made great progress, with our men’s team having a 6-2 season and beating SUNY Adirondack at home and away (I officially call them our rivals!). Our volleyball team had a great year and made improvements over last year. Our basketball teams are off to a wonderful start and they get a newly remodeled home!  With that being said, we’d like to share some big news about The Huskies Den and Recreation Center. Many have asked what are going to do with the kitchen, dining room, and gym once we complete the master plan. Originally the master plan called for tearing down the current field house. However, the Lord has provided in an incredible way and we have all the funds to keep the current gymnasium and major sections of the rest of the building. Here is what is happening and has happened already!

We have torn down the old kitchen section. The dining room will be a new lobby and recreation area, and the annex will become The Huskies Den, a new lounge and meeting space for students. The basketball and volleyball court has been completely remodeled and is ready for our first home game on January 8th.  Word of Life’s project team is overseeing the project and BBL Construction is doing the majority of the work on this full remodel.


Gym Area

    • New roofing and insulation

    • New windows

    • New lighting, scoreboards, and banners

    • New collegiate floor (no more concrete/pavement!)

    • Padding on all of the walls

    • New entryway

    • Fully remodeled bathrooms and hallway

    • New technology for audio and visuals, including live-streaming for games.


    • This area was torn down.



Dining Room Area

    • This area will be the main entry point with a new side entrance by the annex side. You can see this in the model drawing.

    • This area will serve as a recreation center with pool tables, ping-pong and other recreational items.

    • This area is being fully remodeled with sheet rock, flooring and lighting.



    • This area will serve as a meeting and lounge space.

    • The space has been enclosed and being fully remodeled

    • There will be tables and chairs and soft seating throughout the space

As you can imagine, there has been plenty of work done and there is much more to do. We are thankful to God for this incredible opportunity, for each partner and supporter in this ministry endeavor, and for our teams who are working so diligently to complete this remodel.

Stop by and see us- we would love to give you a tour of The Huskies Den and Recreation Center!




9 thoughts on “The Huskies Den and Recreation Center”

    1. Yes workout room will be new in the future, as our Master Plan calls for a new workout center. The Gym is being remodeled in this project.

  1. Incredible improvements. That building as served long and well. Happy to see it remodeled and useful today. Remember working on completing that building so we could fill it first with Ranchers in the summer and then get the WOL Snow Camps going in the winter. Dave W

  2. Beautiful Update on the progress at the World of Life Camp!!
    Thanks for the update, and keep them coming.
    John Runyon

  3. This is wonderful, it all looks amazing. What a gracious and Amazing God we have
    and serve. My prayers are always with WOL and all you do for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    God bless you

  4. This is wonderful, it all looks amazing. What a gracious and Amazing God we have
    and serve. My prayers are always with WOL and all you do for the Gospel of our
    Lord Jesus Christ.
    God bless you

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