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March 26, 2021

The Bridge: March 26th

  Strengthening the Parent-Student Connection A Note from Karen Smith, Dean of Women  Your student is just about to complete an amazing year of digging deep in God’s Word, and you’re probably excited to know all they have learned! Here are some ideas to connect with your student as they return home for break: Ask about the lessons God taught them this year. Our theme was “Trustworthy”, and we focused specifically on how God had proven and continues to prove Himself trustworthy.  Many students have shared incredible stories of how God has deepened their trust in Him. Each student has a favorite class and/or teacher. Ask your student which ones they liked, and why. What did they learn through those classes? Talk about friendships, and get to know their friends! How have they seen relationships change and grow this year? What has God taught them about healthy relationships? Catch their vision for next steps. Is it missions work? Continuing their college education? Entering the workforce? Pray for ways to encourage them. If their path isn’t what you had hoped for them, ask God to work in their heart as well as yours. Find time to pray with them. Ask for… Continue Reading

March 12, 2021

The Bridge: March 12th

  Dear Parents and Guardians, Greetings from Word of Life Bible Institute! The sun is out, the air is warmer, and you can feel the excitement as students enjoy the outdoors. Spring is always a wonderful reminder that summer is coming–and so is camp! We do plan on operating camp, as New York State has given the green light. In the coming days and weeks ahead, we will share our summer camp plans with staff, students, parents, and campers. While we are still waiting on NYS for guidance, we are confident we must continue to plan and move forward. I know Easter is a special time, especially for followers of Christ. However, we’d like to ask for your cooperation as we have adjusted our spring semester to not include a break, and we have specifically asked students not to travel for Easter. At this point, we will only approve emergency travel or travel for extremely important family events (weddings and funerals) as we work to limit our exposure to COVID-19. Hopefully, you all received last week’s announcement about the Special Permission to Leave process and plan. I understand this is not ideal, but I am also confident this is the… Continue Reading

February 26, 2021

The Bridge: February 26th

Dear Parents and Guardians, We are so excited to share that we will be able to open our summer camps in New York this season! We had been praying and planning to that end and last week heard official word from Governor Cuomo’s office that summer camps can prepare to open. We are still awaiting more guidance but hope to have this in the coming weeks to further communicate our plans with you. Keep reading for updates on academics, financial aid, athletics, student life, Missions Conference, Florida updates, and upcoming events. Academics This spring, we are offering two elective classes for students: The Life and Writings of C.S. Lewis taught by Dr. Paul Weaver and Biblical Counseling Problems and Procedures taught by Mr. Joe Schenke. You can read more about these courses below: The Life and Writings of C.S. Lewis This course explores the life and writings of C.S. Lewis, providing an in-depth examination of this 20th-century figure, the experiences that shaped him, and a sampling of his writings from multiple literary genres. While WOL believes that the Bible is the only absolute source of truth, Christian writings are greatly beneficial to one’s own spiritual growth as well as one’s… Continue Reading

February 12, 2021

The Bridge: February 12th

  Dear Parents and Guardians, We are looking forward to Missions Conference this weekend! What an encouragement it has been to see the students’ dedication as they refocus their hearts during this Spiritual Emphasis Week. Will you commit to intentionally praying for them this weekend? Missions Conference is often a pivotal time during the year here at WOLBI, and we know God will work in the hearts of our students as they seek to be obedient to Him. Keep reading for updates on academics, conferences, Pursuit Camp, and campus updates.   Academics Guest Lecturers During the week of 2/9-12, Dr. Doug Bookman will be teaching Passion Week to the freshman students, and Dr. Ben Gutierrez will be teaching the book of Philippians to our sophomore class. Dr. Doug Bookman graduated from Pillsbury Baptist Bible College and earned his M.Div. and Th.M. at Central Theological Seminary, and his Th.D. in Bible Exposition from Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr. Bookman served with the Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry as their National Ministries Representative from 1998-2009. Currently, he is on the faculty at Shepherds Theological Seminary in NC and serves as Professor of Biblical Exposition and Director of Recruitment. Dr. Ben Gutierrez serves as… Continue Reading

January 29, 2021

The Bridge: January 29th

  Dear Parents and Guardians, It seems as though the campus has come alive once more thanks to the students’ return! We’re thankful for God’s hand of protection as we begin the spring semester, and we appreciate your prayers during this time. As we navigate through the “new normal,” I can’t help but be reminded of Psalm 111:7-8, “The works of His hands are faithful and just; all His precepts are trustworthy. They are established for ever and ever, enacted in faithfulness and uprightness.”  What a relief to know we can trust our faithful and eternal God no matter what is going on in our world. I hope you find these updates helpful. As always, let me know if there is anything I can do to serve you.   Academics Dr. John Oglesby and General Loren Reno will be joining us the week of 2/2-5 to teach our first and second year classes, respectively. The first year class began Systematic Theology with Dr. Tom Davis, New Testament Survey with Professor Mark Strout, and Hermeneutics 1 with Dr. Paul Weaver as their resident classes. The second year class is taking Dispensationalism with Dr. Tom Davis, as well as Public Speaking and… Continue Reading