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January 30, 2020

Meet the Alumnus: Ken Hayden

What is your name, where are you from, and can you tell us about your family?  My name is Kendall Hayden, but most people know me as Ken. I am from Skowhegan, Maine and lived in Maine with my wife and kids until the fall of 2011 when we moved to western New York. My wife is also an alumnus of the BI and we have three children: Our oldest, Kyle, is an alumnus as is his wife, Bree; Kirk, our middle child, will be attending the BI this fall; and our youngest, Kayli, is a sophomore in high school and is very active in school and sports. Tell us a little bit about your salvation experience. I was saved when I was 5 at a Good News Club that was hosted in my parents’ home. When did you come to Word of Life Bible Institute? I came to the Bible Institute in the fall of 1985 as a 17-year-old. I knew that I wanted to come to WOLBI since before I attended high school. I grew up going to Basketball Marathons, Operation Nightmares, Superbowls, productions like the Passion Play and Revelation, and pretty much any event that Word of …

December 3, 2019

Meet the Staff: Todd Steltz

The Word of Life Bible Institute is pleased to welcome the addition of our new registrar, Todd Steltz!  Todd will be filling the position recently vacated by Adam Cook, who served as registrar for the past seven years and is now following the Lord’s call to join our ministry in the Czech Republic. While we will miss Adam, we feel confident that his skills will be a benefit to the ministry there, and we are abundantly thankful to gain another excellent administrator in his stead. Todd holds a BA in Spanish and Education and a Masters in School Education and Administration, and applied his degrees in education and administrative positions in the United States and overseas. We are blessed to gain his wisdom and years of experience, and being bilingual, he will be especially suited to communicate with all of our teaching sites around the world and with Spanish-speaking students on the New York campus.   Todd is moving from Hershey, Pennsylvania to Schroon Lake, New York with his wife Mary, and joins his son, Michael Steltz, who has been a valued member of our staff for a few years.

September 13, 2019

Meet the Staff: Maggie Brower

What is your name, and can you tell us about your salvation experience? My name is Maggie Brower. I am a pastor’s kid, so I grew up in the church. When I was about 5 years old, I made the decision to accept Christ. However, it wasn’t until I was about 14 that I really acknowledged my need for forgiveness and grace. Tell us about your role as a team member of Word of Life Bible Institute, and your favorite memory of WOLBI as a student. I work in the Marketing department as a graphic designer. When I was a first-year student, I had the privilege of going to Israel. It was my first time leaving the country and was one of the best experiences ever. It was amazing to take all of the Biblical teachings I had learned throughout the year and put them into a reality. I enjoyed it so much, and I hope to go back soon! What is your life verse and why? I don’t have a life verse, but one I have been clinging to lately is Galatians 5:16-17 which says: “But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires …

September 6, 2019

Meet the Staff: Justin Cousins

What should we know about you? My name is Justin Cousins.  I’m stoked to serve here at the Word of Life Bible Institute. Share with us your salvation experience. I accepted Christ as my savior at the age of 5.  I wrestled with why I needed to get saved for a couple of weeks.  But through the counsel of my parents and Christ-loving teachers in the school, I understood that I am a sinner in need of Christ’s forgiveness. What is your role at the Word of Life Bible Institute? I have the privilege of serving as the Dean of Men and Men’s Basketball Coach at the Bible Institute. Share your favorite memory of WOLBI when you were a student or something recently as you served with our students? One of my favorite memories as a Bible Institute student would have to be working summer camp on the Island.  To be able to put to practice the things I had studied and seen in scripture and then to see God transform lives was a priceless gift. Can you tell us your life verse and why? I wouldn’t say that I have a life verse, but one that I have been …

August 30, 2019

Meet the Staff: Jason Skeffington

What’s your name, and can you tell us about your family? My name is Jason Skeffington.  I have been married to my wonderful wife Cindy for over 24 years.  We are blessed with lovely twin girls, Libby and Haley.   Tell us about your salvation experience. When I was young my family started attending a local bible church.  During a Sunday night service I was introduced to the Gospel.  Before that night I had thought the path to God was good works, but the truth of God’s Word was revealed to me.  I was a sinner and could not deal with my own sin.  Jesus alone is the way to God.  His work alone is the thing that could deal with my sin.  I asked Him to save me that night and the path of my life and eternity was changed.   Tell us about your role as a team member of Word of Life Bible Institute. I serve as the IT Director for all of Word of Life.  I have the privilege of leading an amazing team of IT professionals.  I have the privilege of serving alongside our US operations teams, serving those who serve.   What is your …