Word life student housing announcements

Word of Life Student Housing Announcements

We at Word of Life are excited to make some announcements about student housing on the New York Bible Institute Campus. We would like to introduce Adirondack Hall, a brand new girl’s dormitory, and we are also happy to share that we have renovated Hungary Dormitory, now called Hungary Hall.
Adirondack Hall
Recently, we officially opened Adirondack Hall with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. We are thrilled to add this brand-new girls’ dorm to our growing campus! We anticipate that this residence hall will host the transformation of many young women’s lives.
Adirondack Hall is located close to the dining hall, athletic center, and popular hang-outs on campus. It also has a view of the lake; you can watch the early-morning mist rise of the water in fall and spring, and maybe you’ll see a fox or hare run across the ice in the winter.
The interior of the dorm houses two floors of unit-style rooms, with four bunks in each unit and a bathroom in each unit; this more private arrangement of space allows for a more intimate, familial sense of community. Within the spacious bedrooms, there are Savoy wardrobes, drawers, and a desk for each student. There is a laundry room and a lounge on each floor, and the lounge contains couches, bottle-fill water stations, and a complete kitchenette. Additionally, the first floor is wheelchair-accessible!
We took great care to construct a beautiful space, and we hope that the future residents will turn it into a home and fill it with memories.

Adirondack Hall

Hungary Hall
The interior of the newly christened Hungary Hall, which Word of Life constructed in 1991, now boasts remodeled bedrooms, bathrooms, and more. There are ten rooms on each of the two hall-style floors, and each room holds three or four bunk beds, depending on the room, adding up to a maximum occupancy of 71 men in the dorm. Each bedroom has been re-organized to maximize the use of the space; every new bunk is now set against the wall and has an attached individual light, as well as Savoy wardrobes, drawers, and a desk for each student. There are two large bathrooms per floor, with new shower stalls and an attached curtained-off changing room.
We remodeled the basement level in order to create a new dorm lounge and a laundry room. There is a large lounge on each floor, and they contain new couches, TVs, room for game consoles, and a kitchenette. The laundry room houses three washers and three dryers, so residents will no longer have to travel to the laundry room. There is also a new apartment for the resident director of the dorm.
On the exterior, we redesigned the front and sides of the dorm. The original asphalt front walk has been ripped up and re-paved with a patterned stone path, which is framed by landscaped foliage and leads up to a new patio bedecked with Adirondack chairs. The patio offers a new communal space for Hungary residents to engage with each other while appreciating the beauty of the Adirondacks around them. Hungary Hall is also centrally-located, and is close to the dining hall, athletic center, and to popular hang-out spots.
Additionally, we are especially proud to announce that the first floor and basement of Hungary Hall are now wheelchair accessible!
Hungary Hall

The Exteriors of Hungary Hall and Adirondack hall

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  1. John Crane class of 75, they both look wonderful. My memories of living at the Word of Life Bible Inst. are wonderful and picture perfect.

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