Word of Life Bible Institute is an accredited, collegiate-level program offering intensive Bible study and ministry training designed to help students deepen their faith and discover God’s will for their lives.


Through Biblical Studies coursework, discipleship, community and hands-on ministry opportunities, The Bible Institute is an immersive experience that prepares students for the future, whether in a career or full-time ministry.

Whether you just graduated high school, want a change of pace from your professional career or just desire to know the Lord on a deeper level, the Bible Institute is the perfect place for you. Start your application online today and our admissions team will walk you through every step of the process.

first year – freshman program

The First Year program at the Bible Institute is designed to help students lay a strong biblical foundation through Bible courses, intensive Bible study, evangelism opportunities and ministry assignments. It’s a year of building a strong foundation on God’s Word that will last a life-time.

second year – sophmore program

During our Second Year program at the Bible Institute, students take their faith even deeper. The program builds on classes and experiences that students had during their First Year including finishing important books like Genesis and Revelation. Students also learn important foundational truths such as Apologetics and how to reach other religions with the Gospel. The focus of our Second Year program is to develop powerful ministry skills in the lives of students.


These three focus areas work together to help you not just know the Bible better, but also learn how to live a meaningful and godly life – today and tomorrow.


At the Word of Bible Institute, we spend a whole year diving deep into God’s Word, with experts from all over the world taking you book-by-book and verse-by-verse to help you know the Bible like never before. And as an accredited program recognized by most Christian colleges. you will not only carry your biblical foundation with you, but you can also transfer credits to wherever you go next.


Here, “community” means so much more than dining halls, intramurals and toga parties. The Word of Life Bible Institute is designed to foster authentic friendships and intentional relationships as you live, learn, serve and play alongside other like-minded students and caring staff who will encourage you in your faith and become friends for life.


As you are immersed in the Word of God each day, you are given the opportunity to put what you learn into action through hands-on ministry opportunities. You will give back to others, share your faith, serve the hurting, gain real-world experience and use your unique gifts and passions for a purpose.



With teaching sites around the world in five different countries, you can pick the location that’s perfect for your year in the Word. The locations might be different, but one thing stays the same—each campus is filled with valuable ministry training, meaningful community and life-changing biblical study.


Becca’s Story – The Girl Who Had Nothing

Becca grew up in Jacksonville, Florida as the youngest of five kids. After her father left when she was just two years old, the kids moved in with their grandmother for a few years. “I grew up fast. I had a lot of responsibility as a kid. I had to help raise my siblings at a young age because my mom was working a lot.” When her mom got a job at a Catholic school, Becca was able to attend for free. “I came to the Catholic faith and was very confused about God after that…Read More


The Word of Life Bible Institute educates and prepares students to make a difference in their communities and around the world through intensive biblical studies and practical ministry training. It’s a place where students discover their God-given callings.


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