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Biblical Principles of Ministry

Throughout Freshman Year, students will discover the fundamental truths of Scripture regarding Christcentered service and outreach. From there, students will begin connecting these principles to real-world experiences. Upon completion of the program, students will be equipped to apply basic principles of ministry wherever life takes them.

Ministry Timeline


During the fall semester, every freshman student learns how to share their faith one on one. We provide a 10-hour accredited course on how to direct everyday relationships and conversations towards spiritual issues, ultimately culminating in the gospel. Students are also assigned to a ministry team, where they can build lasting friendships and work together in a variety of outreach capacities. Take a look at just a few of the ways you could serve in your ministry teams (please note that ministry options differ by teaching site; connect with your admissions counselor for campus-specific information).
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Sports Ministry

Students who join the Word of Life Huskies Athletic Program are more than just players on a sports team. They are part of a crucial outreach initiative towards other college athletics. Team members have the opportunity to impact lives with the gospel, grow together as a team, and play their sport with excellence.

Gaming Ministry

The Huskies Gaming Team utilizes Word of Life’s gaming channel on Twitch to build relationships and share devotionals with viewers. They also host gaming tournaments at churches and youth groups to reach those who wouldn’t typically be open to attending youth ministry events.

Open Air Evangelism

In addition to our freshman evangelism trips, we offer a specialized team for those who have a passion for sharing the good news. These students travel to populous locations and apply a variety of tools and methods to spark gospel-centered conversations.


In the drama team, students use their passion for creative arts to serve Christ in churches, Christian schools, and events. The team meets for regular practices and performs a variety of skits and presentations throughout the year.

Youth and Children’s Ministry

Students on a youth or children’s ministry team invest in the lives of young people through various opportunities, such as outreach projects, youth groups, church programs, or community events.

Music Teams

Our music teams learn and teach others what it looks like to worship God through music, as well as every area of life. These teams serve and minister to audiences of all ages through camps, conferences, church services, and school chapels. The songs they share are Christ-centered, Biblically accurate, and Gospel-driven.


The spring semester opens with training for Word of Life’s weekend winter camps for teens. As students serve in the various aspects of winter camp, they build valuable skills in youth ministry and camp operations.

During the spring semester, each student has the opportunity to travel to a major city for Open Air Evangelism (OAE). They also continue to participate in various outreach and service activities with their ministry team.

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The summer semester is the culmination of students’ ministry training throughout the year. By serving at one of Word of Life’s Youth and Family Camps, students draw from the biblical principles they’ve learned to practice hands-on service and discipleship.
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