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Word of Life Bible Institute as an educational institution has developed its entire program around a particular philosophy of education. This philosophy of education is based on three key words: Study, Life, Ministry.

Since discipleship and character building are the responsibility of godly leadership, we need to build an institution that will educate students in Biblical doctrine and conduct through the classroom and lifestyle of our staff. Our goal is to produce students who practice excellence in the Christian life bringing glory to God.


All grade can be viewed online at any time with your login information. Grades issued at the end of the semester are final and will be placed on the student’s transcript. Student can be placed in one of the several classifications depending upon their grade point average: Dean’s Honor List (3.50 or above), Dean’s List (3.00-3.49), Academic Probation (2.00 and below), and Academic Discipline (below 1.50 at the end of the first semester to below 2.00 by the middle of the second academic semester).


We bring in some of the countries leading biblical experts for each class. Get to know both our faculty and adjunct professors and their expertise. Click the link before to see the full list of Professors who come to the Bible Institute.


Discover all of the classes that are available to students of the Bible Institute. Besides classes that are specific to our First year and Second year programs we offer several electives that students may take during their time at the Bible Institute.

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