1 on 1 Discipleship

At Word of Life, we don’t just talk about discipleship we do it every day. It’s also something that we’ve committed to as an organization. Every student has the opportunity to sign up to be discipled each week in a 1 on 1 situation with a staff member from Word of Life. This is a chance for you to take your spiritual walk deeper and be mentored by a more mature Christian in the faith. Ask questions, grow spiritually, and build a relationship that can last a lifetime.


Early in the beginning of the year, all students are given the opportunity to be discipled one on one with a staff member of Word of Life Fellowship. This includes both the Bible Institute and our other ministry branches such as Word of Life Camps, Word of Life Local Church Ministry, or our International Ministries branch. Staff from each of our ministry branches volunteer to meet with students throughout the year.

This process is completely voluntary for both students and staff. Interested students sign up and give some details about themselves. The student life staff then works to pair them up with a staff member they believe would be a good fit. The staff member then is tasked with reaching out and connecting with the student to set up a weekly time to meet.

There is special space in the dining hall set aside for these discipleship meetings to take place in a relatively quiet area. The goal of the process is to make it as organic and helpful as possible.

Another option for students is to sign up to meet in the homes of staff members. In this setting students would be organized into a group and meet one or two nights a month at a staff members house to build relationships and study God’s Word together.


Quiet Time Devotional

Discipleship happens every day as you take new steps in your faith. That process is founded on one thing; God’s Word. As you study it, understand it, memorize it, and apply it to your life. To help our students build spiritual habits in their lives every student is given a Word of Life Quiet Time devotional. This is a daily devotional tool that connects to a specific passage of Scripture each day and challenges you with two questions; “What is the writer saying?” and “How can I apply that to my life?” We’ve built uninterrupted time into our schedule each day to allow students time to do their Quiet Time.


Dorm Devotions

Several nights a week you’ll hear short devotional Bible studies from students in your dorm. It’s an opportunity to hear what God is teaching the students around you. You may even have the opportunity to teach a dorm devotional yourself. It’s one more personal way for you to connect with God’s Word both to hear and to share the powerful truths that our students learn each year at the Bible Institute.