Safety and Security

WOLBI has an emergency plan for promoting student safety in the event of various emergencies involving the campus. The emergency plan is disseminated to all faculty, staff, and students through the Faculty Handbook, the Student Handbook, and in safety meetings.

Safety Details

There is an on-campus staff member for every dorm area who ensures that all emergency procedures are adhered to and followed. We have a text alert system where students and staff can voluntarily subscribe and can quickly receive information about emergency situations on campus and receive instructions from school administrators.

Access to campus facilities is open during the day but locked during the night. For all campus emergencies we have a 24-hour emergency line answered by Bible Institute staff. An RN, EMT, or First Aid Staff member is available on-campus.



In compliance with Federal Law, Word of Life Bible Institute annually publishes and makes available a crime report containing the crime statistics for the most recent three-year period. You can view a summary of this information below and more details are available at