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Changed Lives

Engaging ministry that allows you to use
what you're learning in the classroom.

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Share the Gospel using Sports
and use your talents for God's glory.

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Bible Study

One year to study God's Word.
What difference could the Bible make?


Looking to apply to the Bible Institute? Awesome! This is the place where we can make that happen. Just click the button below to get started.


If you’re a high school junior or senior, college-aged student, or are just interested in a solid Bible education, Campus Preview is for you!


Word of Life Bible Institute is about more than learning, ministry, and friends; it’s about true life change that can only come through God’s Word.

Welcome to the Bible Institute!

At the Bible Institute, we offer an exciting concentrated Bible program in the first year followed by a concentrated ministry emphasis in the second year. Coursework from both years is accepted at most Colleges toward and can be applied to many types of degrees.

Students are educated within a rigorous academic and structured discipleship atmosphere, helping them to live sold out for Jesus.


If the Bible is the foundation for life, then it only makes sense that we would take the time to study and understand God's Word correctly.

Nathan Martin, - Bible Institute Student

What We’re About

Academic Study

We are not about dry academic study of a “high and mighty” God who doesn’t care about your life. True Bible study is about cultivating a vibrant, intimate relationship with the Living God who wants to be known by you. Don’t just learn about God; fall in love with Jesus. Yes, you’ll study theology, bible survey, and church history but you’ll do it in an environment that helps you put it in a context that forces you to live it. We aren’t about head knowledge but absolute heart transformation.

Student Life

At the Word of Life Bible Institute our goal is to help you pursue Jesus! We build a dynamic community of people all on the same path toward discovering together how to seek after God. That means whether you’re having meals together, playing games, or even studying for an exam you’ll be encouraged by the people around you to live out what you say you believe.

Real Ministry

Ministry isn’t a setting, a weekend, or a single event; it’s a life style. At the Word of Life Bible Institute we weave ministry into every area of your life. We help students engage in dynamic ministry opportunities whether its through open air witnessing on the streets of New York or weekends of Snow Camp, or even being a part of a production on tour. But in the midst of these we’re teaching students not just how to do ministry effectively but how to live a ministry life for Jesus.

The Victory Journal

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The Victory Journal is another way that you can stay in touch with what’s happening at the Bible Institute and around the world at other Word of Life locations.