Impacting People’s Lives

What Are Your


Whatever your passion for ministry, you will find an outlet here.


Develop Ministry Skills

There are so many avenues for ministry, and at the Bible Institute you can develop your current ministry skills or try something new.

Sharing Your Faith

At the Bible Institute, everyone goes through evangelism training in order to learn how to share the Gospel with clarity, learn effective methods and develop an lifestyle of sharing their Faith.

Ministry As Team Effort

Work side by side with other believers who share your passion for ministering to others. Learn together in class the principles that make up ministry theory, then go out and work together to practice what you have learned from God’s Word.


The Vision Behind

Service Assignments


For some students, Service aAssignments arecan not only be a great way to serve, they arecan also be a great way to expand youron skills and passions. Many students sign up for service assignments that fit their passions, whether it’s tutoring, design, photography, writing, videography, culinary services, health services-related or , technical support. Regardless of whether or not you have a skill or passion you want to expand; your service assignment will be a chance to grow.

At the Bible Institute, every student works as part of a family to keep everything running and tuition cost down. As a non-profit organization, the Bible Institute functions through volunteered resources, even in the day-to-day jobs.

It starts with broadening students perspective in serving others as Jesus did, and in seeing that life is ministry. Everything we do is for the Lord, and ultimately we follow His humble service, no matter what the call.


Our Ministry


Completing the education process at Word of Life Bible Institute are the ministry opportunities which combine the students’ knowledge of Scripture and their own personal Christian life to influence the lives of others. Through various means, we provide opportunities for students to work out their faith as Christ would have them to do. Just as evangelism was very close to the heart of Jesus, it is very much an important part of the ministry of Word of Life. The students are not just taught principles of God’s Word, but they also learn how to apply these principles in everyday life through specific ministries.


Our Approach to


First Year

Every first year student will learn from a classroom setting how to personally share their faith one on one. We will provide a 10 hour accredited course on how to take everyday conversations and direct them towards spiritual matters, ultimately culminating in the sharing of the Gospel. Each student will then be given opportunities to make it practical as we take them to heavily populated areas for open air evangelism, send them to youth activities/retreats and provide opportunities to serve and interact through community outreach.

Second Year

Since we consider our sophomore program to be a deeper foundation for ministry, we provide more opportunities for students to develop and strengthen their God given gifts and abilities. From crisis pregnancy center outreach, senior citizen home outreach, and weekly local church involvement, to ministries that students create themselves, we believe that students are provided with a wide range of opportunities that will best prepare them for future service.

Our List of


  • Summer Ministry

    Summer Camp

    The Summer Institute of Camping (SIC) is one of the unique aspects of the Bible Institute training. Supervised counseling experience and on-the-job training are available to the student through opportunities to work with every age group: children, junior high, senior high, and college and career young adults. This summer program is the capstone of their year of training, as it utilizes the classroom learning accumulated during that year.

  • Summer Ministry

    Outside Ministry

    Students have the oppurtunity to apply to work with a group, ministry, church, or orginization other than Word of Life for their summer ministry. This option must be pre-approved with the Ministries Department several months in advance of the summer season.

  • Special Ministries


    Each weekend during the winter, Word of Life Bible Institute hosts up to 440 teens at our New York campus and 100 teens at our Canadian campus for Snow Camp. Each student will have the opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge as Snowcamp counselors. Snowcamp counselors are involved in every aspect of the camp, including counseling, programming and operations.

  • Special Ministries

    Open Air Evangelism

    Training in street evangelism is offered under the supervision of Word of Life’s Open Air Evangelism Ministry. Students spend time in urban areas such as New York City, Tampa, or Toronto, learning to be a witness and share their faith personally with both children and adults.

  • Special Ministries

    Ministry Teams

    Students on Ministry Teams will assist in various ministry outreaches and events both on and off campus primarily focusing on teen ministry. In addition students provide support to other organizations or businesses in the community and on campus.

  • Special Ministries

    Drama Team

    This program allows students to use their dramatic abilities to minister in churches, Christian schools and communities. Students must try out during the first week of school. The drama teams practice at least once a week. Performances include both short skits and more specialized, longer presentations regarding salvation and dedication.

  • Special Ministries

    Sports Ministry

    Sports can open closed doors in the lives of college students. At the Bible Institute, we use sports ministries to share the Gospel and show how a Christian can compete for God’s glory and not just sporting achievements. Teams include men’s/women’s basketball, men’s soccer, and women’s volleyball. Students must try out one week prior to the start of the school year.

  • Community Based Ministries

    Rescue Mission Ministry

    The Capital City Rescue Mission of Albany NY will provide teams with the opportunity to serve through a work project, leading chapel services, and serving guest’s dinner.

  • Community Based Ministries

    Public School Release Time

    Release Time is an established after school ministry in the Schroon Lake Central School. Each week teams will have the opportunity to lead games, songs, teach a lesson, or help children with Scripture memory.

  • Community Based Ministries

    Albany Medical Center

    While serving on the AMC team, students will have the unique opportunity to interact with children staying at Albany Medical Center. This team will be responsible for planning activities and crafts for the children. Students will also have the opportunity to serve at the Ronald McDonald House to be a testimony to the families and employees working there.

  • Community Based Ministries

    Valley House

    This is a ministry is dedicated to reaching elderly residents who live in Valley House, an assisted living facility in Schroon Lake, NYto. It is an opportunity with room to grow for those who have a heart for creative ways to minister to elderly people.

  • Community Based Ministries

    Open Door Soup Kitchen

    This team will travel every other Monday to serve meals and interact with those in need in the Glens Falls, NY area.

  • Church Based Ministries

    Spanish Ministry

    Students on these teams will partner with Spanish youth ministries of New York City. Students will make a ministry trip and will also be required to attend a training session before you leave.

  • Church Based Ministries


    Students who wish to be in the Ensemble or Trio must audition at the time of registration in the fall. Group members will be involved with weekend meetings, and singing for special campus events during the year. The students selected for these ministries will participate all year long, including the summer at a Word of Life camp.

  • Church Based Ministries

    Church Support Ministry

    Opportunities to work within the local church are available. This program is run as a ministry of a local church and gives opportunities to work with both saved and unsaved youth.