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Know Jesus


At the Bible Institute we’re not about dry academic studying of God’s Word. We’re not about memorizing names and dates for a test to get a great GPA. Our desire is to teach you about the real God of the universe. Not as an academic, detached subject but as a real person named Jesus who lived and walked on earth changing people’s lives.

We don’t want students to learn about “God” we want you to fall in love with the God-man Jesus.

That’s what true biblical study is about. Using our knowledge of WHO God is to build a deeper and more intimate relationship with Him. It’s only through “Knowing” God that we can “Grow” in Him.

Our students go deep into Bible Survey taking a week or more studying almost every book in the entire Bible. They walk through passages verse by verse being taught by guest professors who are experts in their field.

Our students don’t just study Theology. We go deep into Bibliology, Hamartiology, Angelology, Anthropology, Ecclesiology and Eschatology. We study church history and dive deep into subjects such as Biblical Counseling, the Occult, and practical tools for sharing the Gospel.

The Bible Institute is a tough rigorous academic institution because God chose to reveal Himself through a book. So we choose to understand Him through studying that Book as deeply, and academically as we can. However, we never want to lose in all of our study, the real person being revealed through the Bible. We aren’t about head knowledge that makes one prideful, but heart knowledge that transforms lives.

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Grow in Jesus


Student life at the Word of Life Bible Institute is about bringing brothers and sisters in Christ together for growth. It’s hard to describe what it’s like living in a community of fellow believers dedicated to the goal of knowing God and growing. It’s the kind of once in a life-time experience that many Christians never experience and can’t even relate to.

Students at the Bible Institute study in the same classes, many of the same ministries and have many of the same life-changing experiences. This develops a natural camaraderie that leads to life-long friendships and relationships that go farther than the walls of an academic institution.

So whether you’re spending meals together, going out on weekends, playing intramural sports or on-campus activities you’ll be doing it alongside your best friends in the world. A group of people studying God’s Word together, helping each other grow and doing ministry together.

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Show Jesus


Jesus said, “Go into all the world and make disciples.” From the start the Christian life was never meant to be lived in a bubble. At the Bible Institute we love ministry! It’s built into the very DNA of Word of Life Fellowship. Whether at the Bible Institute, our youth and family camps, overseas at our international locations, or here in the US in Word of Life’s Local Church Ministries department.

We believe that ministry is more than just a week of camp, more than a weekend of Snowcamp, more than a Sunday morning and more than a single evangelistic event. It is the real discipleship of getting into the messiness of another person’s life and serving them in love.

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At the Bible Institute every student experiences ministry throughout the year. From large evangelistic events such as Word of Life’s Reverb, to Open Air Evangelism on the streets of New York City. In the winter every student experiences the power of ministering through Snowcamp and in the summer through our various youth camping locations as counselors.
The Bible Institute is a great place to discover the ministry that God has called you to. Whether you serve on a Worship Band, a traveling singing team, a children’s ministry team, or open air evangelism you’ll be stretched and challenged. The goal of ministry at the Bible Institute is to teach students to use what they learn in class because it’s not enough to just do ministry.

We teach students a powerful truth:
“Life is Ministry.”


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The Bible Institute was founded to teach students the deep things of God’s Word and train them for ministry. Learn more about our history with the short video below.


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The Viewbook offers you an opportunity to get to know our passion for teaching, heart for ministry as well as experiencing campuses around the world!

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We have strong beliefs about the Bible and the truth that it holds. Students are NOT required to agree with all of our theology. But our teaching flows from these beliefs and effects our curriculum.

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We believe that God’s Word effects how you live. So we’ve created standards of conduct to help create an atmosphere of growth during a student’s time at the Bible Institute.

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Executive Staff

New York

  • Mark Strout
    Executive Dean of the Bible Institute

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  • Micah Melville
    Dean of Ministries

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  • Scotty Mathews
    Assistant Dean of Off Campus Students

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  • Randy Curtis
    Dean of Men

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  • Tom Davis
    Academic Dean/Professor

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  • Joe Schenke
    Dean of Students

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  • Karen Smith
    Dean of Women, NY Campus

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  • Carla Gray
    Assistant Dean of Women

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  • Bob Gray
    Business Manager

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Word of Life is accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, an institutional accrediting body. TRACS can be contacted at P.O. Box 328, Forest, VA, 24551, by phone at 804-525-9539, or on the internet at http://www.tracs.org/.

The New York State Education Department approves the Word of Life Bible Institute for operation in New York State and the training of veterans. Word of Life Bible Institute is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.

Transfer to other schools: up to two years of course work is recognized by several Christian colleges depending on the anticipated course of study and academic record.

Executive Staff


  • Andy Mater
    Associate Executive Dean

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  • Kyle Gray
    Florida Youth Camp Director/Dean of Ministries

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  • Sarah Bubar
    Dean of Women

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  • Marshall Wicks
    Associate Academic Dean

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  • Beth Hirzel

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  • Gary Ingersoll
    Resident Professor

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  • Rich Andrews
    Director of Florida Ministries

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