Second Year

Take your faith even deeper

Because your Faith is Growing Abundantly

Second Year at the Bible Institute takes students on a more intensive journey into the Word of God. With a strong biblical foundation already in place, second year students focus on more challenging and intricate biblical courses while learning and growing in all of the different areas of missions.

Second year students also take part in extensive ministry training complete with real-life opportunities, including a 10-day international missions trip. All of this helps students put the knowledge gained from the classroom into real-life practice.

During the second year at the Bible Institute, students take courses such as Public Speaking and Homiletics to learn how to teach from the Bible. They also learn the basics of Bible research and interpretation through courses like Hermeneutics and Bible Study Methods. All of the courses give students the chance to hear and learn from leading national and international Christian speakers, pastors and artists.

To see a full listing of all classes and requirements for completion of year two, please download our course catalog.

Student Missions Trips

Israel Study Tour

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