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The Bridge March 3, 2023

A Note from Brian 

It is hard to believe that March is here, and your students are about to enter spring break! We have been in 1 Thessalonians in our quiet time, and one of the things that has stood out to me is how “spiritually proud” Paul is of the believers he is addressing. I have the same sentiments toward our student body; they have served faithfully during this Snowcamp season while attending classes, learning, and growing each week. This break is well earned for them. Enjoy your time with your student! 

  • While your student is home for spring break, this is the perfect time to make plans for Easter weekend. Although students don’t have classes on Friday, April 7, we do not count Easter weekend as a break; this means that students need to submit a special permission request if they plan to leave campus for the weekend. 
  • One last reminder: spring break begins on Monday AFTER the exam. Students will return March 20 by in-dorms (11:00 PM). 

Upcoming Dates 

  • Spring Break: March 6–20 
  • Easter Weekend: April 7–10 (Students must fill out a special permission request if they are leaving for the weekend.) 
  • Missions Conference: April 14–16  
  • Missions Reality (sophomore students): April 20–30  
  • Open Air Evangelism (freshman students): April 26–30  
  • Summer Break Begins: May 19 after exam 
  • Return from Summer Break (students working at The Pines): June 10 
  • Return from Summer Break (students working at a youth camp): June 13 

Biblical Counseling Elective 

This spring, we are excited to offer the Biblical Counseling elective as a resource for your student. Participants will have the opportunity to earn credit while gaining a foundational understanding of biblical counseling ministry.  

Course Description: Let’s be honest; every one of us knows what it is like to be gripped by fear and doubt. Anxiety can cripple the mighty and strip us of confidence and strength as we try to face the challenges of daily life. Our anxieties reveal our fragility and our desperate need for the eternal sufficiency of God’s presence. In the Biblical Counseling elective, we will seek to better understand the depth and complexity of anxiety, what lies beneath our fears, and how to trust the One who supplies hope for worriers. Along with anxiety and fear, this course will address other corollary issues to further our understanding, including emotions, loneliness, temptation, depression, and self-identity. 

Cost: $112.50 (Auditing the class for free is an option for staff and students.) 

Textbooks: When I Am Afraid, by Edward T. Welch and Contentment: Seeing God’s Goodness, by Megan Hill. 

Instructor: Joe Schenke 

Class Schedule: 

  • March 23 – Counseling Basics 
  • March 30 – Emotions 
  • April 6 – Anxiety/Fear 
  • April 13 – Loneliness/Temptation 
  • May 4 – Depression/Grief 
  • May 11 – Self-Identity 

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