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The Bridge May 12, 2023 

A Note from Brian 

This time of year brings several huge milestones in your student’s journey. Our entire student body just returned from either Open Air Evangelism (freshman class) or Missions Reality (sophomore class). I have been blessed by hearing how the Lord worked in and through them on these trips. Also, the academic part of the school year is almost over. I know you are proud of your student and the hard work they have put into this year. I pray they have not just obtained knowledge but have experienced the true heart transformation that only comes through God and His Word.  

I cannot wait to see how the Lord uses your student during their summer ministry. Enjoy your time with them on their upcoming break.   

Open Air Evangelism Review 

Open Air Evangelism in New York City was a huge success. Our students arrived on Wednesday evening (4/26) and had a great kickoff rally. The next morning, we received a challenge from Won Kwak, a church planter in New York. This encouraging message was followed by a day on the streets. On the first day, we spoke with over 5,000 people, had a full gospel presentation with over 1,200 people, and saw 44 pray to receive Christ.  

The next morning, we were challenged by alumnus Pastor Mike Luciano from Gateway Church on Staten Island. Friday was a wet, cold day, but our students were faithful. They spoke with over 4,000 people and fully presented the gospel to over 1,200; we saw 47 trust Christ.  

Overall, we spoke to 9,380 people, shared the gospel with 2, 336, and saw 91 pray to receive Jesus.  

Saturday was a day set aside to see the city. Many of our students visited places like the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, the 9/11 Memorial, and other key landmarks. On Sunday, our students split up into groups and attended about a dozen different churches in New York. We also had a great opportunity to appear on Fox and Friends Live to do a segment on Christian camp opportunities.  

Overall, the trip was life-changing – not only for those who heard the gospel, but also for those who shared it. We know how many seeds are in an apple, but we never know how many apples will come from one seed. Please pray for the 2,336 gospel seeds that were planted, that God would bring a great harvest.  

Missions Reality Review 

What a blessing to have the freedom to travel internationally to do missions again! Our Missions Reality teams ministered to 3,186 people, shared the gospel 1,884 times, and saw 193 people make professions of faith. Here is a testimony from our team who went to Portugal: 

“Through cultural experiences such as visiting Fátima, Óbidos, and historical sites in Lisbon, we were able to get an understanding of the spiritual need in Portugal. Through ministries such as “Go Play +”, local church involvement, and Christian school chapels, we were able to see the opportunities for ministry. Then, through cleaning the property, having meals with staff in their homes, and helping with the Sports Marathon, our team was able to see the importance of serving not only the locals but also one another. Missions Reality Portugal was a fantastic reminder of how God is actively working in the nations and how we are called to engage in that mission.” 

Summer Break Dates 

As a reminder, below are the dates for summer break. 

  • Departure: May 19 after the morning exam. 
  • Return for students working at The Pines: June 10 
  • Return for students working at a New York Youth Camp: June 13 

Property Update 

Lodge A was a building located at the Word of Life Island mainland dock that was used to house youth leaders for the summer camp season. This building was recently demolished to make way for a new and expanded Lodge A. The new building will feature 17 rooms for youth leader housing in both the summer and Snowcamp seasons. This will allow Word of Life to open its doors for more ministry as they expose more churches to what God is doing through Word of Life in the Adirondacks.  

Please pray that God will continue to bless Word of Life’s ministry as we embark on raising funds and starting construction this July.

Word of life Lodge A

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